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Jul 22, 2009 06:17 AM

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert?

Anyone have a good, easy chocolate peanut butter dessert? I've had the worst jonesing for chocolate with peanut butter and am tired of chocolate peanut butter italian ices. I'd prefer to steer clear of no-bake cookies.


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  1. Grahm cracker crust, use a vanilla pudding mix you have to cook (1 regular size) prepare per directions addind 3/4 cup of melted peanut butter during last part of cooking. pour into pieshell and refrigerate for 2 hours uncovered. Prepare any type of instant chocolate pudding (I prefer the dark fudge) and pour on top of the PB pie. Chill for another hour, whipped cream on top if you like.

    1. I make a pretty easy one that is flexible.

      Setup a double boiler (I use a pot and a stainless mixing bowl)

      I use these ingredients but this recipe is adaptable to your taste so use anything you prefer:

      Ghirardelli Chocolate (I use milk chocolate but substitute your favorite) 2 pounds

      1 cup favorite peanut butter (You can use as much as you like, but remember you want the chocolate to harden later)

      Melt these two together in the double boiler, when you have the consistency you like spread parchment paper or plastic wrap over a sheet pan/cookie sheet (was a half sheet pan in my case). Pour your peanut butter and chocolate onto the sheet pan and use a spatula to even it out on the pan.

      This next step is all according to what you like but this is what I add:

      Pretzels (busted up a bit but not ground into dust) the salt from the pretzels enhances the chocolate nicely
      Almonds (I actually use salted and roasted almonds ( I like salt))
      Dried cherries
      Dried apricots

      Try to spread the add-ins evenly but feel free to use the spatula to redistribute as you see fit.

      Now I usually set the sheet pan in the freezer or refrigerator until the bark sets up nice. Once the chocolate is set break up into the size pieces you prefer. Put all the pieces in a nice bowl and voila!

      It's not the fanciest of desserts by any means. But I found it nearly universally loved and it is very easy to make. The best thing is how customizable it is to your tastes or the group you are making it for.


      1. Blend with Bryers Vanila Bean Ice Cream. YUM YUM!!

        1. Make 2 batches of brownies from a mix. (Or one batch, divide in half and bake in 2 smaller than called for pans). Cool. Mix peanut butter with powdered sugar, some vanilla, a little heavy cream. Spread PB mix on top of one pan of brownies, top with the other to make Brownie PB sandwiches.

          1. Stir up a batch of fudge mix. Layer half the batch into the appropriate sized pan. Pipe on a layer of peanut butter. Lay on the rest of the fudge mix. Bake. Pig Out!

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              I actually did something like this when I was pregnant and DYING for pb and chocolate. Bought a brownie from 7-11 and nuked some creamy peanut butter and added powdered sugar and vanilla and smeared away!