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Jul 22, 2009 05:50 AM

Anything new on the Vineyard?

Heading to the Vineyard next week and was wondering if there are any new or exciting places to go.

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  1. Will also be on the Vineyard next week and my research says there are a few new places to check out::
    1. Chilmark Tavern run by Paul Connell of Chez Henri. I assume it's at the site of the former Cornerways, previously Feasts in Beetlebung Corner.
    2. State Road Restaurant in the former Red Cat/Ice House/Deon's spot in W. Tisbury. Opened by the owners of Slice of Life in OB.
    3. Deon's - now in OB on Circuit Ave. I think it might be in the old Oyster Bar/Balance spot .

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      Thanks for the head's up, we love Chez Henri.

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        Deon's is actually where Pomodoro's used to be, a few steps up from The Oyster Bar.