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Jul 22, 2009 05:12 AM

Cape Cod scallops in the shell

Heard someone farms them in Buzzards Bay. Saw them on TV Diner the other day and they looked great.
Anyone ever seen them for sale anywhere on the Cape other than at a restaurant?

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  1. Check out Clamman fish market in Falmouth or Lobstertrap Market in Bourne.. both good fishmongers for source on stuff like that

    1. Cape Bay scallops aren't available anywhere this time of year. The season runs from late October to early spring. Never seen them in the shell myself but you could try Joe's Lobster Mart on the canal in Sandwich. IMO it's the best fish market on the entire Cape by a mile.

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        yes, joe's is awesome, was just there last week. These scallops I'm talking about are farm raised, don't know if that makes a difference regarding availability.

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          you can find those farm raised ask around ur local fishmonger,,,, They can be purchased frozen and are a great product,,,

      2. The episode you refer to was just aired again tonight. Very interesting! Essentially a Cape Bay scallop grown in Buzzards Bay but no restriction on the season as Chatham Bars Inn features them as a special menu item on Fridays. They get them fresh that day. Plus, they say you can eat the whole scallop, not just the 'muscle' as they're grown in cages so there's no sand. Please post if you find them anywhere. As a plus, they look really beautiful, I'd like to experiment with them.

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          The scallops you are thinking of are Taylor Bay Scallops. They are beautiful and out of this world!