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Jul 22, 2009 04:45 AM

Amsterdam: Delivery Options

Anyone have any advice on ordering delivery food in Amsterdam? My experience is limited to using Just-Eat, and I’m finding that their user reviews are just too unreliable. I’ve been tricked into ordering nasty food one too many times, so now I need to reach out for some help.

Here is how I’d rank the places I’ve tried thus far:


----Sometimes Good (i.e. inconsistent)----
Dosa (Indian)
Roti Shop (Surinamese)
La Gonda (Turkish / Italian)

Soytasty (Sushi)
Rangoli South Indian (Indian)
Bella Italia (Italian)

Taco Mundo (Mexican)
Perry's Exotisch Food (Indian / Surinamese)

So… yeah, any suggestions would be great. I’m not limited to any particular cuisine – just anywhere that delivers to the Center, deliciously. Please.

Dosa South Indian Restaurant
Overtoom 146 Amsterdam

La Gonda
Rozenstraat 143 Amsterdam

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  1. Interesting topic! I totally agree that it's hard to find good food delivery in Amsterdam. Think it's not just a problem with the just-eat site, but generally quality of food delivery is poor.

    My favorite is - extensive menu and well executed. I wouldn't rate it excellent, but the most consistent I know in Amsterdam.

    Hope we get some more suggestions!


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    1. re: dutchgrub

      It took me 8 months of living in amsterdam to find out about this:
      If you don't speak dutch, have no fear. Just go to the online chat option and you can speak english and ask for any help needed there. They'll walk you through it. It's quite nice.

      1. re: damjoy

        Do you have any favorite restaurants that you have ordered from using Just-Eat?

        I agree that it is very convenient (and sometimes even a good deal), but I have yet to find a restaurant through them that qualifies as “excellent”, as mentioned above.

        However, this reminds me that I still have to try Mother India, as recommended by DG.