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Jul 22, 2009 04:38 AM

Dessert Trends for lunch or dinner?

I know everyone loves DT for sweets...but has anyone eaten lunch or dinner there and is it good? The menu looks nice.....if not a bit odd for what I assume is really a pastry place.

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  1. I love brunch/lunch there -- it's really quite good. I love the braised short rib sandwich with gruyere and mushrooms. I've never had dinner there, but keep meaning to try it.

    1. I have only been for dinner once but loved it. I was actually a bit skeptical when I looked at the menu, because it's all over the board, there is no consistent theme or cuisine. It basically looked like the chef took his favourite dishes from around the world and put it on the menu.
      Having said that...almost everyone that night in the restaurant had ordered the beef short ribs, and they looked delicious, and I heard people raving about them. I decided on a mongolian spiced salmon on a bed of veggie brown rice. It was spectacular, the salmon was cooked perfectly, and the spices just exploded in your mouth. The brown rice had a nice nutty flavour and went nicely with the salmon. My DH had a duck breast, and he said it was cooked well and was good, but the sauce was a bit sweet for his liking. I thought it was pretty good though. Our friend decided on a pasta dish; I can't remember what was in it, but he said it was really delicious.
      I found out that the owner, Chef Donald, had cooked in various parts of Europe and spent a bit of time in Italy. He is Vietnamese and so has experience with that and some other Asian cuisines as well.
      Overall, I will definitely go back and I will continue to order desserts from him.

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      1. re: icey

        Wow.....a place that does good food AND good desserts! What a find! Can't believe more people aren't talking about this place. I will have to try it out!

        1. re: jrabbit2727

          It's a very "under the radar" type of place. It doesn't try to be trendy, there is no concept or theme, the service is well meaning, but can be scattered, the food isn't "haute" anything and the quality can sometimes be inconsistent. The owners are very sweet and humble and do much of the work in the restaurant themselves. I don't think marketing is their strong suit.

          Weekend brunch there is wonderful -- the space is bright and airy and you never, ever feel rushed. The coffee is very good, too.

      2. I've been there for dinner - and would certainly return.
        It's a bit cramped - and all tables are usually filled. Food is pretty good - as others have mentioned the dishes are 'scattered' - no real theme although their wraps are nicely presented with sides.
        And, of course, one of the great dessert selections in Toronto.
        And the corkage is $10 at all times - certainly an incentive.

        And I HAVE to mention their ice creams/sorbets. Technically they're a bit weak; the textures are inconsistent and sometimes contain lumps. But the flavours are outstanding - I love the grapefruit& champagne, and the mascarpone & sour cherry. But last time I was there (around a week ago) the passion fruit was outstanding - even the texture was perfect - best sorbet I've had this year.

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        1. re: estufarian

          The grapefruit and champagne is my favourite flavour! So refreshing. I don't even mind the consistency issues -- I kind of like the little icy chunks.

        2. I love DT. They are great for brunch/lunch. The quiche is nice, as is the open faced duck egg sandwhich.

          I concur with previous posters that the menu lacks consistency, but it all seems yummy, and I can vouch from what I've ordered that the food is quite good.

          And of course, their desserts are wonderful. From the gelato to pastries to wedding cakes (some of the best tasting and most beautiful I've tasted/seen), they do an excellent job.

          Despite being on the trendy Harbord Strip, I think this delighful little spot deserves more attention. I really want them to succeed. The proprietor and his wife are lovely and they obviously put care and passion into their work. I do agree that marketing is not their strength, as mentioned, which is unfortunate. I think they attract customers largely due to word of mouth. I hope it spreads.

          1. Has anyone had dinner at DT Bistro lately? Not sure if the winter 2011 menu has changed from the fall 2010 menu:

            Has anyone tried their French Onion Soup, the Wild Mushroom soup, or the Thai Pumpkin Bouillabaise?


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            1. re: phoenikia

              I love their mushroom soup. Not as great at Ravisoup, but pretty darn good.

              When I was there for brunch on Christmas Day, they mentioned that they were going to close until Feb. or March for some major renovations. I haven't been past there lately - does it look like they're making progress?

              322 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

              1. re: SweetSweetPotato

                Thanks, SweetSweetPotato.

                I believe they are open for business right now.

                1. re: phoenikia

                  Hi SweetSweetPotato, DT is definitely open for business, and most of the tables were full when we left at 9 pm. I enjoyed the Thai pumpkin bouillabaisse- generous amount of seafood.

                  Will have to try the mushroom soup another time.

                2. re: SweetSweetPotato

                  Went by for some gelato a few weeks ago and Chef Donald was at the counter. He said that they were still waiting on some permits for the space upstairs which is what they have been renovating. Im assuming that if they are still open, they haven't gotten the necessary permits to start the reno.