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Jul 22, 2009 02:09 AM

Delicious Taiwanese food in Auckland at Neighbours Restaurant

Tried somewhere I haven't been before for dinner this evening - Neighbours Restaurant, 8 Lorne Street, Auckland City. I don't know much about Taiwanese food except I think its the home of Bubble Tea and that fried chicken is big. Anyway tried some fried chicken - was absolutely spot on - chicken breast coated in salt and white pepper (maybe some other spices?) and fried - not at all greasy and definitely created a "must go back to have that again" moment! Also had beef noodle soup - fabulous beef brisket cooked with fresh noodles in a rich savoury herby soup with pickled veges - yum! Also on the table tonight was cold cucumber salad - salty but very tasty - and a dry pork mince and tofu noodle dish - again, like the beef dish the noodles were so fresh - and the dish was super tasty.
All this (a LOT of food for 2 people) including tea was a paltry $23NZD - bargain. The place is superclean and just the ticket for a quick bite in town - recommend you check it out.

Also if anyone is a bit of an expert on Taiwanese food - love to know what are the great dishes to try and do you rate this restaurant? or others?
thanks FF

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