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Jul 22, 2009 01:29 AM

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem with expense account

I am going to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem right after Tisha b'Av for business. I want to eat in outstanding classy restaurants (don't care about a specific hescher). The only place I have booked so far is 1868. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. I know tons of inexpensive good eats but for this trip I would the experience to be elegant and refined.

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  1. All the places I have recommended are meat and kosher.
    Tel Aviv
    Meatos - do a google on them they have a web site. One of the best in T.A
    Bruno's - Top of Azrieli, also outstanding, but it has been several years since I was there.
    Gabriel - Supposed to be excellent
    La Boca - Argentian steak house, a little more upscale than El Gaucho
    Buffalo Steakhouse - Very Good
    If you're willing to go up to Herzeliya (30 minute drive), you may want to try Bistro 56. Very good and beautiful view overlooking the marina.

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      Thanks so much! I have actually been to Gabriel about three years ago and it was fantastic. Perhaps I should pay them another visit.

    2. Darna in J'lem is fantastic as well. Try the 6hr lamb...

      1. In Jerusalem:
        Noya (lots of lamb dishes)
        Darna (Moroccan)
        Hess (decor not that great but boy is the menu pricey and the food great)
        La Guta
        Anna Ticho (dairy, lovely garden)

        1. food and wine recommends Jerusalem:
          Scala, at the David Citadel Hotel
          At this new Piero Lissoni–designed restaurant, chef Oren Yerushalmi (an alum of NYC’s WD-50 and Tel Aviv’s Catit) gets the balance of creativity and tradition just right in Mediterranean dishes meant for sharing. Yes, all are kosher.
          We loved: Onion stuffed with lamb, bulgur and herbs.

          1. In Jerusalem, go to Hess. It's right downtown, off Ben Yehuda and close to the police station. Best kosher steak you're likely to ever eat. And there's a giant Bernese Mountain Dog who belongs to the owner and comes around looking for attention. Very laid back and casual but great food.