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Jul 21, 2009 09:46 PM

Anyone been to J & G Steakhouse at W Hotel?

Got reviews?

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  1. Bumping this up as I am thinking about trying out J & G with some out-of-town visitors. Anyone been?

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    1. re: WashDC33

      My boy friend took me for my birthday dinner last week, and it was a very good meal. That said, neither of us had steak so I can't comment if that's your reason for going.

      We arrived early and were led to their basement bar while our table freed up. Tiny space, and very loud - it was a weekday around 7 and the tail end of the happy hour crowd was still there. I'm not really a cocktail connoisseur but my Pimm's Cup was good and the boyfriend enjoyed his Manhattan.

      The dining room itself is pretty - high ceilings and huge windows that evidently have a great view. It was raining and dark that night so no view for us. We started with the fois gras brulee and steak tartar. The tartar was excellent; the accompanying fries were just ok. I've had a hard time finding fries in an upscale DC restaurant I truly adore. The fois was also amazing; if I had to find fault it would be that the spiced fig jam accompanying it could very easily overpower the liver if you added too much.

      Entrees were also excellent. I had the short ribs with caramelized onions, spinach and "crunchy potatoes" and my boyfriend got the BBQ lamb chops. The short rib was good, but the lamb chops were out of this world. The BBQ sauce was perfectly complimentary to the flavor of the lamb, they were cooked perfectly and they had these mashed potatoes with onions and peas on the plate that I would've happily eaten a Thanksgiving sized portion of. I'm a sucker for short ribs and flavor wise these were nice but couldn't been cooked slightly longer. They weren't tough, but they weren't falling apart either. I like my shortribs falling apart. The accompanyments on the plate were a little boring - the spinach wasn't much more than spinach and the "crispy potato" just wasn't crispy. That said, the portions were so big that I almost didn't get to those anyways.

      Dessert was a little hazy - boyfriend had a poached pear with carmel and some sort of ice cream and I had a pavlova with thai basil something.....I was feeling the birthday wine by that point.

      Service was in general very good, except that our server was obviously uncomfortable with wine pairings and busy enough that he tried to weasel out of getting someone who had a better idea. Things improved after that though - he did bring us a plate of birthday cookies with "happy birthday" piped on the plate.

      I thought prices for a steakhouse with such prime real estate would be much higher, but with three courses each, a bottle of wine and an extra glass of wine the bill came out to around $300.

      1. re: reiflame

        "I thought prices for a steakhouse with such prime real estate would be much higher, but with three courses each, a bottle of wine and an extra glass of wine the bill came out to around $300."

        I must clearly be out of touch. $300 for dinner for two at a downtown steak house was less than you expected? Really? Even though the food wasn't totally fabulous? That must have been one expensive bottle or glass of wine. Good to have the data point, though, I guess. Sounds like a good place to go on an expense account.

        1. re: MikeR

          $300 included a $70 bottle of wine. So no, $230 inclusive isn't that much at a DC steakhouse since steakhouses have entrees topping $40 now.

          1. re: reiflame

            Well, I'm the guy who balks at a $10 lunch, so a $300 dinner is something I've never knowingly experienced. That still seems like a lot for what you got, though, even for great short ribs. Maybe some day my girl friend will take me out for one.

        2. re: reiflame

          Well written review, thank you for the info.

        3. re: WashDC33

          Overall Rating (Good)

          Went to J&G for a late lunch. It was rather quiet and service was attentive. The bacon wrapped shrimp were excellent. The butter lettuce salad was also very good, though over dressed. Both the slowly cooked salmon and chicken were far dryer than the same items have been in other Jean Georges restaurants that serve the same dishes - however, flavor was good and I have loved these dishes in the past so I would give them another chance here (the chicken is always better if you get the dark meat piece). Mashed potatos were smooth, but came with a huge amount of butter on top (made them tasty but also made me a little reluctant to finish them). The chocolate cake was perfect.

        4. Great restaurant. Went for my 1st time last night and ordered the lamp chops which were grilled absolutely perfectly. Beautiful texture and flavor. I didn't have a steak, but with chops that good, I bet their steaks are great too.

          1. it unfortunately was restaurant week so we didn't sit down to dine until 11:15, nevermind our 10:30 reservation. Our potatoes were cold but the steaks were cooked perfectly and were truly exceptional in terms of flavor and quality. The mushroom risotto I had for an appetizer also was really good, not the best I've ever had, but well above average, and the cheesecake was heaven. My companion also asked if she could substitute the molten chocolate cake, which wasn't on the restaurant week menu, and our waiter happily obliged...thought that was a nice hospitable thing to do.