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Jul 21, 2009 09:39 PM

help with first meal in Tokyo


My brother and I will be arriving to Tokyo at around 6pm on Thursday and will be staying at the Four Seasons at Chinzan-so. I know the hotel is a little remove of the city center and up on a small hill. Is there any places in this neighborhood where we can grab a late dinner?

My brother and I are pretty adventurous eater and would be happy with anything Japanese. I really don't want our first meal in Tokyo to be at the hotel so any recommendations would be welcome.

Thank you in advance!


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  1. You'll be near an area called Waseda, home to one of the best Japanese universities and also literally hundreds of hole in the wall-type places, ramen shops etc. Are you looking for something more upscale? You're not far from Shinjuku either - I would suggest maybe shabu-shabu in the NOWA building (6F) by the East exit of Shinjuku station: Shinjuku 3-37-12.

    This website should help you during your stay:

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    1. re: MissLambkins

      Waseda sounds perfect. Is it within walking distance?

      We'll be bringing a laptop so will definitely get used. I've also been combing through this board for places to eat. Can't wait for the eating to start!

      1. re: haodoudo

        I'd take a taxi - ask the concierge at the hotel to write "Waseda dori" in Kanji for you and then you can get out and walk until you like the look of somewhere - you might have trouble ordering if you don't speak or read Japanese as they are really local places, but that's part of the fun!

        1. re: MissLambkins

          If you're taking a taxi anyway, you might want to go just a little farther to Kagurazaka; there are hundreds more dining choices, and a lot more late-night options.

          If you get there in time (last order is 11pm), Seigetsu is quite good and they have an English menu (I think):

          Across the street is Sakurasaku, which specializes in grilled fish on skewers; they're open to 3am:

          1. re: MissLambkins

            good idea, except forget about the taxi, take the subway (and a map)

            1. re: davew666

              Really? Take the subway from the Four Seasons to Waseda or Kagurazaka? And what subway would that be?

              1. re: Robb S

                I believe a Streetcar Named Desire goes there.

                1. re: Robb S

                  i dont know, but there must be a train that goes close?

                  anyway, the point is, the trains are very good, and much cheaper too.

                  1. re: davew666

                    Sometimes taking a taxi is the best option; if you spend Y710 for a taxi vs. Y420 for two people's subway fares and save thirty minutes of your limited vacation time I think it's the reasonable choice.

                    In this case though taking the subway isn't even a practical option. The Four Seasons is pretty far from the nearest station, and Waseda/ Kagurazaka and the Four Seasons are nearby but on different lines, so taking the subway would take a lot longer than just walking the whole way.

        2. thank you everyone for your reply! we ended up skipping dinner and crashing as soon as we got to the hotel.

          our first full day has been fun and spent eating mostly vendor food at the sumida river firework festival. i'm trying not to over plan this trip around eating but reading this board has made that extremely difficult. so many places i want to try!

          we are going to dons de la nature tomorrow night and am thinking about jumbo tonight for yakiniku.