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the kind of bread/ dough that makes your heart rate go up (in a bad way)

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the two kinds of overly processed bread that make me feel the blood pumping in my veins are store-bought naan and some kinds of pizza dough. I love eating em, but damn - my body reacts bad to that over-enriched flour (at least i think that's what causes it)

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  1. Happens to me, too. As I've gotten older, I've noticed that food items made from refined carbohydrates (the white stuff) can make my heart rate go up (and then I get really sleepy); pasta, bread, rice, any white carbohydrate causes this reaction. Same thing happens when I drink wine -- two glasses and I'm done. I'm not giving those foods up, but I do have to practice moderation with them. But, that's not really a bad thing.