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Jul 21, 2009 09:25 PM

Most UNIQUE dish in d.c.?

Something that was puzzling you on the plate with taste to boot...

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  1. I remember thinking the foie gras soup at Cafe Atlantico was pretty unique. Had never had anything like it and wasn't sure if it would work (thought the taste would be too powerful and too rich) but it was great!

    1. Pretty much any dish at minibar. The mojito bubble was particularly puzzling to look at.

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            Mini bar. Pop corn popped in liquid nitrogen with an herb/spice mix, you eat it and then breathe out your nose and smoke fromt eh supercooled nitrogen comes out.

      1. Had lunch at Zenga last week which is fusion Asian and Latin. I had fish in a spicy latin-based flavored broth with Asian vegetables. Bizarre.