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Jul 21, 2009 08:58 PM

Is Tulsa OK?

traveling for a few nights to Tulsa and have been reading up on restaurants. It looks as though American fare is the way to go. Are steaks the best thing to try in Tulsa? I like the off-beat, non-commercial fare. Ambiance would be great, but it's a business trip so no romance with my colleagues!
would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I was in Tulsa a few months ago and had a great steak at Mahogany steakhouse. The waiter was extremely friendly and professional and the atmosphere is upscale steakhouse without being snobby.

    1. If you like steaks, you may enjoy Jamil's. It's an old-school Lebanese steakhouse, which I think is genre unique to the area.

      I've been gone from Tulsa far too long and visit far too infrequently to have any sense of the current dining scene; hopefully somebody local can chime in with more. But Jamil's has been a favorite for the better part of a century.

      If you have a lunch on your own (and an unlimited supply of antacid), Tulsa has a couple of unique "smooth" chili places. Get the chili cheeseburger and a side of Spanish fries (potatoes deep-fried with jalapenos) at Ron's, or a few coneys (chili cheese dogs) at a but I assume you're talking about blades with dimples, not blades with a concave bevel. Coney I-Lander.

      1. Take a look at Brian S's posts:

        If he's even half as good with Tulsa as he is/was in Manhattan, you're in for a treat. This guy can eat AND write :)

        1. What about me? Toot-toot!!
          I was in Tulsa, lez'see, 'bout half-dozen months ago. Brian S is a good guy to read and trust, but he and it seems, many Tulsans don't know how to let go and start a new thread...
 This baby has 169 posts and they aren't even all about Tulsa, let alone Utica Square. There is a lot to glean from it, though!

          Now, I was there and I am a modest, erudite, world traveler and conasewer of good eats. I documented my eating escalades while there, along with pictures as proof (starts here):

          I did this map, on Google Maps, that had all my thoroughly vetted and winnowed options. I even communicated with Scott Cherry, a local food critic (but couldn't brown-nose me a job on the paper, nor did he offer to take me out to eat).
          Please excuse the huge icons that represent food types and ethnic food groupings. I was on drugs when I did it. Just zoom in and all will be revealed. You want off-beat; it's on here!
          Notice the tacos on the east side of town and there's supposed to be some good Q in Tulsa (but I think it's silent).

          Might be nice to know where you're from and what you like. When I went there I wasn't really looking for seafood and Italian since it doesn't get much better than in New Haven, CT. However, we did find good seafood!