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Jul 21, 2009 08:54 PM

Guasacaca in Calgary?

Dear brilliant Chowhounders: My sister made several batches of hummus, one with what she called guasacaca. She instructed me that this is the spice she put into it, and that she bought it at a Brazilian store--but in Edmonton. However, Googling that word suggests to me that this is actually an avocado salsa. Is there such a thing as guasacaca spice? Or mix? Or something? Can this be found somewhere in Calgary?

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  1. Maybe post on the Home Cooking forum to find out more about the spice? Surely someone there is Venezuelan or knows someone who is.

    You could try Salsita on 14th St N and Northmount Dr. If you talk to the owner she might have a better idea but their selection is pretty limited.

    I would bet your guess about a mix is correct. A packaged mixture of spices usually used to flavour the dish.

    1. You should ask at Brasil With S, which is a local Brazilian store.

      It's on 57th Ave just E of Macleod Trail. Unassuming sort of place; I stumbled in there a while back, but the only product I bought was a GuaranĂ¡ Antarctica. Their product selection wasn't humongous; like 50% standard convenience store, 50% Brazilian stuff, about as much as, say Matroshka on 14th St carries Russian stuff. I didn't see guasacaca on their online product list (which includes lingerie; God bless Brazilians), but it might have a different name, or something.

      1. I didn't even know Edmonton had a Brazilian store! Isn't guasacaca Venezuelan? I picked up my jars from Don Carmelo's, who sells it at the City Market downtown and apparently in their southside store. It's not so much a spice as a kind of salsa. Based on a google search for recipes, I doubt there would be mixes.