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Jul 21, 2009 07:51 PM

Grocery Bistro new chef

Has anyone been to the Grocery Bistro lately? I heard the food with the new chef is amazing.

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  1. I haven't been there since the new chef came on board, but a good friend of mine who ate there this past weekend said exactly the opposite, that the food quality had declined substantially since his prior visit (under the previous chef). I'm still willing to give it a shot, but I'll be going in with tempered expectations.

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      Wow I'm surprised to read that. I just went a few days ago and thought it had improved greatly....the service and the food especially. We had some amazing lightly fried oysters and halibut with fava puree. I think the food is beyond good for the price and its really different compared to what else is going on in the city right now. I suggest you give it a shot.

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        What makes it different from other places?

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          I think its different because of the high quality of food with affordable prices. The concept that you don't have to spend a lot to get good food, using local markets to purchase ingredients, and all the while having the menu be exciting, inventive yet approachable is a really fresh idea. I find that you have to spend a lot in this city to get great food. Plus, its rare to find this quality at a byob. It reminds me of a place you would find in NYC.

    2. Worse than the first chef?! Yikes, that should be impossible!

      Grocery Bistro was home to one of the most disappointing meals I've had this year. I ate there soon after it opened: the service was cocky, the menu disappointing, and the execution horrendous (my sloppily-presented fish was drowning in a nearly-congealed, over-buttery sauce). The room is a joke (combination of dried flowers, tchotchkes, and a flat-screen LCD fireplace??).

      Really, the best part about Grocery Bistro is the charming and tastefully-appointed wine store next door.

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        This is going off topic, but yes, Craig is right now the best wine buyer in the city. He will find anything you want. I've worked with him on several parties, and his picks have been phenomenal.

      2. I was in Chicago last week and debated on going to the Grocery Bistro because of this post. We decide to go. We went on a Friday night and had a bottle of red with us. When we got to the restaurant we found out there was a wine store next door, and what a great charming store it was with good pricing. Dinner was wonderful we shared everything and had a wonderful meal. A few days later our plans fell through and we needed a place to have dinner. Our memory of Grocery Bistro was so good that we went back and had another wonderful meal. Not only was the food absolutely wonderful but the service was warm and hospitable. We only wish we had a BYOB like the Grocery Bistro in our home town. I highly recommend you check out the Grocery Bisro, you will not be disappointed!

        1. The Grocery Bistro is todays Groupon! Go get it! Yay!

          1. The original comment has been removed