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Jul 21, 2009 07:39 PM

Methi - Fenugreek leaves


Hi all.

Does anyone know where i can find fresh methi / fenugreek leaves. I scoured the indian stores around Parc Ex today and also tried the indian store down on Ontario Est but no luck :(

Any specific sightings to report?



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  1. Sami Fruits at the Jean Talon Market used to have it on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, that store has closed. Don't know about their other outlets.

    Am pretty sure I've run across it at Marché Victoria Oriental (6324 Victoria, 514 737-4715) or maybe nearby Epicerie Shavit (6334 Victoria, 514 739-4403), both near the Plamondon metro station. (Both definitely have the dried leaves.) Probably best to call and ask before making the trek.

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      thank you carswell, I managed to score some dried ones at victoria, thanks for the tip