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Bone Marrow Restaurant

Anyone know a good restaurant for bone marrow in or around San Francisco?

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  1. Here are a few suggestions. More can be found by searching this board for "bone marrow" above. Easier than finding a Sumerian restaurant.

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    1. Ok, I might be a bit of a DIY fanatic, but $14 for some roasted marrow is nuts. Go to Manilla Mart and buy a bag of beef bones for $0.99 a pound. You'll get a lot of end joints, but two or three long bones with good marrow. Sometimes they split the long bones lengthwise, sometime not. Either way, roast and enjoy. And give the bones to your four-legged chowhound.

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        I agree, it's very very easy to make yourself (salt and parsley, and maybe a caper or shallot on toast).

        But spend a little more on better beef at a fresh butcher. Bryan's has marrow bones, as does Whole Foods if you ask (they will cut them in half, if you ask nicely). Generally $2-3/pound.

      2. I like the versions at both Epic Roasthouse and Bix.

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          BIL devoured the bone marrow app at Bar Tartine (mentioned in linked thread) so quickly we didn't even get a taste...

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            Bar Tartine's is excellent. The Alembic also provides fabulous bone marrow. Enjoy!

        2. Two. Substantial portion. Really tasty.

          1. I saw marrow bones on the menu at Boulette's Larder at the Ferry Building a couple of weeks ago.

            The best marrow bone I've had recently was a lamb shank at Due Rose in Pinole. The shank was so so. When I heated up the leftovers in some broth, the bone turned out to be chock full of rich, unctuous marrow. I would probably order the shank again, just to get the marrow.

            1. Of all places, I had excellent marrow from an osso bucco at Peninsula Creamery in PA. I had to ask for some kind of implement to dig the marrow out, but they provided a milkshake spoon that worked perfectly. Surreal.

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                Thank you. This is why I read chowhound.

              2. I would like to bring up a semi tangent complaint/topic.

                Why is Bone Marrow ALWAYS served with some sort of parsley salad. I personally, think it is unnecessary. Whenever I do it, I just like a decent amount of salt, and a squeeze of some sort of acid, likely lemon and serve with a nice spring mix to be eaten independently.

                Anyone else believe its time to update to "necessary" parsley, or am I outta line?

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                  I have no opinion either way, but my sister in law loved the parsley salad that came on the side of our order of marrow at Bix. It was just really fresh, big leaves of parsley dressed lightly in olive oil and tossed with salt, pepper, and a few capers. She couldn't understand why it was so delicious. I told her simple prep, stellar ingredients.

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                    Blame Fergus Henderson, I think. You could always tell them to hold the parsley.