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Jul 21, 2009 07:26 PM

LV steakhouse questions

I've always wanted to try prime dry aged steak so I thought my upcoming trip to Las Vegas would be a good opportunity. I'm thinking about going to CUT. It seems like most people on here like CUT, a few think it is over rated. But I was also thinking about Charlie Palmer Steak because I don't think I've seen a single negative comment about the place. Do they have dry aged beef? The website just says aged. Also, if I simply want a great tasting steak and don't really care about the decor or celebrity treatment service, would I be just as happy going to someplace like The Steak House at Circus Circus or Silverado Steakhouse? In terms of just the taste of the meat, is CUT better than some of the more reasonably priced restaurants?

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  1. all depends on your top wants and knowing the main trait of the steakhouse, some are only prime cuts, some only aged beef, some stunning ambiance, some sexy fun vibe; all good value, varied and great options, you will definitely find what you're looking for;
    other favs;
    Prime known for living up to its name, highest grade prime meats, they serve the Japanese Wagyu and huge yet sweet Tasmanian lobster tails
    Gallagher's Steakhouse; has dry and wet aged steaks
    Triple George, has dry aged
    Strip Steak
    T-Bones Chophouse & Lounge, has dry aged and much more
    Hugo's Cellar, a locals fond fav, old world style with strong mob feel
    Kokomo's Steak & Seafood, not 5 star but across the board very happy raves

    much much more recs and hounder reviews on southwest boards; here is a recent one;

    and CPSteak does have dry aged, reviews are mostly glowing but not unanimous

    1. CP Steak does not have dry-aged steaks. I asked the staff, a week ago, when my husband and I dined there. They might have it, occasionally, when Charlie Palmer comes into town, but because the kitchen does not have the space for a dry-aging room, they have to wet-age the steaks.

      1. Cut has a great selection of steaks they would definitely be my top choice for you. Carnevino has a great dry aged steak as well. Those are my suggestions to look into.

        1. 1) Confirm that Charlie Palmer's does NOT have DRY aged meat. However, it does have a Sunday special "family" menu which changes every week and is a great value. Also, because it is in the 4 Seasons (a hotel w/o a casino) it is nice and QUIET!

          2) Saw an article just yesterday that Carnevino has TWO levels (aging) of genuine dry aged beef to choose from. The reviewer said the ultra aged beef was the best piece of meat he had ever had.

          3) I've never had even a weak meal @ Craftsteak, let alone a bad one.

          But if you are specifically in search of a dry aged steak, I believe that Carnevino will give you access to the longest dry aged steak you can find. But be prepared to open your wallet by the inch.

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            Highly recommend the Sunday Supper at CPSteak. It was a truly memorable meal! But does not meet your specs on dry-aged beef.

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              I'd second the recommendation for the CP Sunday supper although it doesn't meet the steak requirement.

              I'd pick Cut for steaks.
              I like Craftsteak too.

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                seems I was misinformed thinking CPS has dry aged, albeit occasionally...
                re: 'attran99 above post'; CP Steak ...might have it, occasionally, when Charlie Palmer comes into town...
                > from their own 'mouth', see one of their websites "dry aged 21 days"; have since called CPS about this oversight;
                > from a Vegas resident friend's review; however, even after reconsidering his opinion, still gives CPS an A+

                fwiw, their sister establishment, Aureole, has dry aged

              2. I enjoyed CPS, but it is just not on the same level as CUT

                The was very good, although I thought the sides and appetizers and desserts were just ordinary....nothing memorable

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                1. re: A5 KOBE

                  I enjoyed both CUT and CPS. I'm not sure they were on different levels. They were quite different in both menu and ambiance. CUT is loud, happening and has a hip feel to it. CPS is quiet, romantic and a bit more old school. The food at both has been excellent for me. I feel a bit of trepidation arguing steakhouses with a guy named A5 Kobe, so I'll stop there.

                  1. re: climberdoc

                    I would put CPS as the 3rd best steakhouse in LV. CUT being 1st and SW coming in at a close 2nd. This is just by quality of meat, CUT has the best kobe in LV for a steakhouse.

                    Plus they have those tasty pretzel rolls and the cheese biscuit thingies.