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Jul 21, 2009 07:17 PM

Hell's Kitchen-Hopefully spoilers

Watched the premier tonight. Kinda.
Paused the DVR with about 10 minutes to go, and it crashed on re-entry. So, they were bringing up 2 from each team. Who got axed?
Oh, and having Robert back is a pretty lame attempt at adding some interest.
And the chicken looked pretty good to me.

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  1. Nobody got sent home- at the end one of the contestants flipped out and tried to take Ramsay out to the parking lot. It ended at a cliffhanger- SURPRISE!

    I feel so dirty watching this show.

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    1. re: nimeye

      Life is too serious not to take time off for mindless entertainment. If something makes me laugh, I'll return time and time again.

    2. The supposed military line cook, Joseph, went all wonky on GR - Ramsay asked him to name the two guys being put up; he named one and said "he and the other knows why they're up" or something like that. Essentially wouldn't answer GR; they had a face-to-face with GR saying he asks the questions and they answer them; Joseph ended up ripping off his chef's coat and practically chest bumping GR and challenging him to take it out into the parking lot.....and it ended with a black screen saying "TO BE CONTINUED..."

      And of course next week will be THE......MOST.....DRAMATIC!......EPISODE.......EVER!!!! ;-)

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        And will no doubt contain "Something that has never been done before in Hell's Kitchen".
        Freakin hilarious!
        I don't care. For an hour or two it takes my mind off all the important things.

        1. re: Bobfrmia

          Yea like the people who are guests in the restaurant next week are fire men so as usual it's likely just a bunch of fake drama.
          Ranks pretty high on my YAWWWWWWN scale.
          At least they gave them thermometers this season.
          Not that any one actually seems to know how to use one.
          I wish for one season they would lose the psychos and freaks. This really could be a great cooking show with out all of the staged drama.
          Some one mentioned "settlements". Any one want to place any wagers that since Heather got shorted after winning this is part of her "prize" ?

          1. re: Fritter

            How did Heather get shorted on her prize? Wasn't she working at that resort in NV for a year? That's all they're supposed to get.

            And again - unless Andy Husbands' character is not what I thought it was, I don't think they're ALL psychos and freaks. I am still very surprised that he chose to go on this show, however, based on the past history. Unless there was massive recruiting of real ECs instead of cooking school boobs like last season.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              IIR no they did not honor the agreement to employ Heather or there was some legal snafu. I believe she was promised the position of Executive Chef for RRC and they eventually negotiated a dumbed down title of "senior chef" (LOL) for a single restaurant in the casino. The winers of the first two seasons did not receive the prizes as promised either.
              I agree they are not "ALL" psychos and freaks but they sure do stack the deck with them. The point is if they stopped casting these people that are such obvious rejects the show could actually be fairly decent instead of a culinary joke.
              As usual GR could elimante 75% of them in a sigle show and be better off.

              1. re: Fritter

                Well, we never saw the contracts for any of the first 3 winners (Rock included). The HK website and GR said they'd be EC at whatever restaurant (I don't recall it being an EC for the entire resort). But anyone within their right minds (and viewers who also are in their right minds) would know they'd not get an EC position right off the bat with the type of lack of experience that the majority of them had.

                As to the casting - reality shows need their idiots and drama queens. So regardless of what show it is, we're going to get at least a bit of it - be it on Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  HK and TC contestants are on the same culinary level.
                  That's not even close to reality.
                  Contracts aside we all know the wiinners are promised a job as Executive Chef and not some fabricated title of "senior chef".

                  "The HK website and GR said they'd be EC at whatever restaurant"

                  Well there you go. Some fabricated non- title is not the same as being "Executive Chef" of even a single restaurant. The casino had a EC and so did the restaurant she worked at.
                  Bottom line is that she did not receive the prize as promised and is now working as Gordo's SC.

                  1. re: Fritter

                    OK, if you've ever read ANY of my posts about TC and HK, you'd know I've never EVER believed that the contestants on HK are on or even NEAR the same playing field as those on TC! Not in any way, shape or form.

                    That is my biggest issue with HK - the fact that throughout most seasons, they've just seemed to be complete morons, whereas on TC, while having a moron or two, most have good to excellent cooking chops.

                    However, TC has had their idiots and drama queens. And that is all I was saying - regardless of WHAT reality show it is, there will be stupidity and drama.

                    As to your statement "we all know the wiinners are promised a job as Executive Chef " - no, we DON'T all know that. For all we know, the contract could state that they will get at minimum a senior sous chef position, but it will be called an EC online and on the show. Reality shows have a LOT of legalese in their contracts with the contestants that gives the producers all the power - witness "Survivor" and their ability to sue contestants for up to $1,000,000 (or something like that) should it be revealed that they let slip who wins before the show airs.

                    So again, without having seen the contract, we don't know that they've been promised an EC position. That's only what we've heard. These people want to be on the show; they sign their rights away - including, perhaps, what title they actually get if they win HK.

                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      Well I'm a simple guy. If it walks like a duck....
                      flies like a duck....
                      quacks like a duck....
                      I kinda figure it's probably a duck.
                      I don't care what the legal ease states but we all know they advertise the prize is a job as "executive Chef".
                      Not some fabricated title like "senior Chef" or executive sous chef.
                      It's perfectly clear the prize is to be HEAD chef.
                      While I suspect that any TV reality show contract makes every effort to CYA there is still a base premise that the prize will be as advertised.
                      If they don't deliver then the show is an ever bigger joke.
                      I will give you one thing as a comparison to TC. Last night all of the equipment had big tags like the dishwasher. The Robot Coupe was perfectly placed in one shot so you could see the name. A set of Wusthof knives was given to the contestants.
                      BTW What did the winner of season one get? Three days in London only to find out that he wouldn't actually be working with GR?
                      What a great prize.

                      1. re: Fritter

                        Yet again, without seeing the contract, we have no idea what they were promised. Regardless of what we hear being said on the show. And everyone knows we can always believe what we see and hear on TV, right? ;-) If people know what they're signing (that they're not going to be the EC of a major Las Vegas resort if they win) then they are the bigger fools, IMO.

                        1. re: LindaWhit

                          It's not that I dissagree with you Linda I just think it's wrong.
                          As far as seeing and believing I don't believe any thing I hear and only half of what I see. ;-)

                          1. re: Fritter

                            We definitely agree on the wrongness of it , Fritter - but I guess it's legal if they continue to get away with it.

                            Too bad the most trusted guy on TV is no longer around to tell us right from wrong. (Boy, those days are long gone, aren't they?)

              2. re: LindaWhit

                <<Unless there was massive recruiting of real ECs instead of cooking school boobs like last season.>>

                One of the contestants -- Tony, the male with the thick glasses -- manages a culinary supply store. He lists that and the fact that he went to Italy and learned to cook for a year as his credentials. So I don't think the producers have upped their standards.

        2. We watch this show together as a family. We all LOVE it. I have a 14,5,&4 year old. Chef Ramsey is great! My kids love when he gets wild. I wonder where some of these people come from? Have they ever cooked on a line before? There is nothing like that adrenelline rush in the kitchen. You either love it or hate it. That deer starring into the headlights look, I have seen it before, not a pretty site. I think Joseph just could not do it, and thats why he walked off.
          The other thing I love about this show is for 2 days after my kids watch it they respond to anything I say with "yes chef." priceless ;-)

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          1. re: gmyengel

            Love the "yes chef!" response from the kids. :-) And yes - some have done some extensive cooking - I just started another thread tonight after reading the bios at Fox's website, and seeing that contestant, Andy, had a restaurant in Boston - it's Andy Husbands, EC and owner of Tremont 647 in the South End. Rather surprised to see him there! I guess he had a first episode dinner party at the restaurant tonight with Jim (from Nashua) and Tek - and the three of them made some recipes from the HK menu for the special party.

          2. I love this show! These people are progressively more insane. How much botox has Melinda had - she looked like a "deer in headlights" the entire episode, not just when she got called on her copious cappalini binning. That Joseph guy is wacko! He's the poster child for better VA Hospital funding - or if he never got out of the kitchen during his service, for better mental health screening of our soldiers BEFORE they're in the military. He is MESSED up. Is Lovely our new Lacy? Only time and the number of absenteeisms will tell. And JP losing it on the Van who speaks Texan - priceless!

            1. ITA about that chicken! Where was it burnt? It looked pretty GBD to me.

              As usual, I must ask myself "where do they get these people? Are there not skilled cooks in the US who would be capable of cooking a piece of salmon??"

              And the second ep ending was an insult.