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Jul 21, 2009 07:11 PM

Need Recipes For Sausage Party (No, really...)

So my work has been sent me to Texas and Louisiana 2x each in the last month. I decided to take advantage of it and lugged a cooler around with me and picked up some pretty awesome sausages for a party I'm throwing. Yes, I'm actually calling it a sausage party. Yes, the evite responses have been as inappropriate as you might expect. Anyways, here's what I've got at the house now:

-Boudin from Cochon Butcher
-Jalapeno Cheese Sausage from Southside Market
-Myers Elgin Beef Sausage
-Tony Chachere's Green Onion Jalapeno Chicken Sausage
-Richard's Cajun Andouille
-Rouse's Hot Cajun Smoke Sausage
-Shiner Smokehouse Pork/Beef Smoke Sausage (Regular and Jalapeno)

Most of it I'm just going to throw on the grill for everyone, but I'm trying to think of other things I can prepare in advance to make it more of a spread. I think I'm going to do a pot of red beans with some of the andouille, and maybe do some queso with some of the jalapeno sausage.

Anyone have ideas for other recipes (involving the above sausage or not) or condiments I might want to try making? I was considering a trying to do some sort of quick chow-chow but I can't find a recipe I'm feeling confident in.

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  1. ok, i'm gonna jump all over the culinary map here:
    - gumbo or jambalaya (if you had chorizo i'd say paella)
    - sausage, peppers & onions with grilled polenta
    - Cajun sausage with confetti cornbread
    - gotta have veg too - how about collard greens? or some sort of cabbage salad or slaw?
    - and someone recently posted a query about what to do with pickled peaches...for some reason i think they'd be a great side dish for you to serve (alternatively, you could grill some apricot, peach & nectarine halves)

    1. I have a friend that makes me Sausage bread. Finely crumble and brown your sausage. Cool, add cheese and one beaten egg to bind. Take your bread dough, roll it out into a rectangle, spread with the sausage mixture. Roll up pinwheel style, pinch the ends. Lay seam side down on a cookie sheet. Bake.

      1. Sounds fabulous!

        If you're going to be grilling most of the sausage, you might consider making a gumbo with the andouille as goodhealth suggests, and perhaps some stewed collards or other greens with sausage thrown in (you choose)

        Bruce Aidells (The Complete Meat Cookbook) has a recipe for a N.O. sausage and seafood ragout where you can make the sauce a day ahead and then before you serve add fish, shrimp, oysters, and/or crabmeat and serve over baked eggplant rounds as "an elegant appetizer or first course at a Creole banquet."

        Serve some grilled sausages cut up into pieces on a toothpick with different mustards and perhaps cornichons and cheese cubes.

        Stuffed mushrooms with sausage as the stuffing (w/ breadcrumbs & garlic)

        I think cole slaw would be an obvious side -- perhaps both a vinegar based and a mayo based -- w/ cajun hot sauce, of course!

        This sounds like a lot of fun, and hope to hear how it turns out!

        1. You need relish - spicy tomato and maybe a fresh sweetcorn one.

          1. The andouille or Tony Cachere's demand to be made into jambalaya. I would consider making an onion compote for the boudin and Elgin beef sausages and possibly a roast corn salsa for the jalapeno cheese and Shiner. It would be the taste of a barbecue all in one bite with the sausages, roast corn and tang.

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              these are great ideas. thank you.