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Jul 21, 2009 06:45 PM

3 days in Baltimore-Where *MUST* I eat?


My fiance and I are heading to Baltimore for a long weekend at the end of the month. We'll be catching the Red Sox/Orioles game and be staying in the Inner Harbor. We won't have a car (not sure if we'll need one?). What restaurants MUST we try? Any quintessential places every visitor to Baltimore must hit up while in town? What are your favorites?

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    1. Penny, can you give us some price points and any likes or dislikes?

      The Inner Harbor itself is not that much of a foodie spot (lots of chains) but it's flanked by Inner Harbor East and Federal Hill, which are great spots to eat. I don't think you'll need a car to find some good eats.

      1. If you want a taste of Baltimore style seafood, Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton is a great place. You would have to cab-it there.

        1. Several Places:

          Vaccaro's in Little Italy for the best cannolis and terrific Italian pastries.

          Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market for the best Lump Crabcakes known to man. Near the ballpark too.

          Trinacria on Paca St just north of Lexington Market for great Italian deli sandwiches. Amazingly cheap too. Get the Chicken Parm sub. Also close to the ballpark.

          DiPasquale's on Gough St in Highlandtown for one of the best Italian delis on the east coast. My fave sandwich if the Santino - Prosciutto, Fresh Mozz, Fresh Baked Bread, Basil, Tomatoes, Olive Oil.

          The Helmand on Charles Street in Mount Vernon for amazing Afghan.

          Baltimore Farmers Market under the JFX (I-83) on Sunday mornings.

          There are many, many more....but I've run out of time.

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            Tio Pepe's (Spanish) is an institution. Near the Harbor- But you would need a cab/car for a short ride.

          2. Woodberry Kitchen. Not quintessential but one of the best in town. You can take the Light Rail from the Inner Harbor to the Woodberry stop.