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Jul 21, 2009 05:57 PM

pest-proof sugar storage

After finding several large black ants frolicking in my sugar canister, I have decided to get rid of the old Ikea set and buy something that really seals. I keep several canisters on my counter, and would like something glass if possible. I don't store any more than 5 lbs. or so of sugar or flour. Any suggestions? tia

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  1. I keep my flour in the freezer so it'll keep longer, and my sugar in a big mason jar. It's not fancy, but no moisture gets in to clump things up.

    1. I keep rice in large clear glass cannisters that can store up to a few gallons, depending on size. The Container Store has them -- I think they are called glass cannisters. They close well, but the lids can be moved off center. Put them in a place where you are unlikely to bump into them -- such as on a counter and against the backsplash. I really like these a lot because they are not too expensive, and they are good looking in a classic way. The range of sizes is very practical for bulk storage.

      Between you and me, if I had to put everything in the freezer I'd need a second chest freezer in my garage. Enough already with freezing everything.

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        What all do you have in your freezer? Mine's mostly ice cubes and ingredients (the flour, fish, veggies) and usually a pizza. Back in the day I remember splitting cake recipes and freezing half, but it's been years since I had that kind of time.

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          In my chest freezer, I mostly keep large packs of things like ice cream bars, mini-frozen pizzas from a warehouse club, about a dozen nukable meals for my daughter to snack on when I am not at home. One visit to Costco or Sam's can add a couple of cartons. At the bottom I have my stash of chicken backs and ham bones for soup and red beans and rice. All I need to do is add some flank steaks, a brisket (cut into three pieces for manageability) and a bag of ice (we use coolers a lot here for kid sport in Texas) and you have a pretty full freezer. I would hate having to fish through this thing looking for coffee, sugar, etc.

          In my refrigerator freezer, bags of frozen shrimp, chickens and chicken pieces, steaks, etc. plus a stash of frozen veggies, mozzarella and ice packs and ice cream do a pretty good job of filling it. This stuff is more accessible because it is in the kitchen.

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            My goodness! No wonder there's no room for coffee or flour in your freezer.
            If you can take a playful poke, I'll suggest that you are in an odd position to write "Enough already with freezing everything".

      2. How about some preserving jars? They will keep the blighters at bay:

        Maybe a little small for 5lbs, but keep the balance of your purchase in tupperware in a cupboard.

        1. Target sells large glass jars with screw on lids in a variety of sizes that look nice and are quite functional. They're wide-mouthed so it's easy to measure out the sugar. YOu can find them in the kitchenware department. I keep my sugar in one.

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            I have about eight of those jars all lined up on the top rack of a big wire shelving unit in my kitchen. They contain sugar, brown sugar (both light and dark) vanilla sugar, confectioner's sugar, flour, rice, etc. I've had them for years and I've never had a single bug and the brown sugars stay soft. And I really like tey way they look too. :)

          2. Try these


            These are canning jars with a clamp seal and rubber ring. They come in sizes from a pint to a gallon. I use the gallon size for 5lb bags of sugar and flour. Works well. You can probably find them for less $ elsewhere. I also use the smaller ones for rice and nuts.

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              These will stay closed better than the glass cannisters I use, but I'm okay with mine because they are out of the way.