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Jul 21, 2009 05:56 PM

The Red Raven: Good Eats in Williams AZ!!

After reading a few TripAdvisor reviews on this restaurant, we were sad to see that they were closed on Mondays. We went "downtown" anyhow from our motel to see if anything was less bleak than the reviews indicated, and happily they are OPEN daily in the summer!! They have a nice, simple menu of steaks, salads and pastas. I had the "pub steak" which is a chuck steak, perfectly cooked and very meaty (much much nicer than a sirloin!), hubby had the ribeye which was cooked rare per his order (so hard to get sometimes!), and our son had pasta with sausage & peppers. Our soup was cold gazpacho, which was fantastic! The bread was freshly baked, with herbed butter. The steaks were very nicely cooked, with red potatoes and tempura broccolini (fantastic by the way). Our son loved his pasta, it was tasty, the sausage was plentiful and spicy to boot. They have a very nice wine list, we ordered a really fantastic Lodi Zinfandel that matched well with the grilled steaks. We would highly recommend this to anyone that decides to stay in Williams to be near the Grand Canyon, or really for anyone just passing through.

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  1. Thanks for the review! We spend a night in Williams every year when we ride the Polar Express and are always looking for places to try (other than Max & Thelma's at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel!) so we will definitely give this one a try.