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Jul 21, 2009 05:51 PM

Confused - Blue Point or Blue Moon in OBX?

We're staying in Nag's Head. I made notes and think I may be getting these mixed up. Which one is recommended?

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  1. Sorry, I should clarify. I know Blue Moon is the one in Nags Head, but we are also willing to drive to Duck. Looks like they are both highly recommended and perhaps around the same price point...although Blue Point looks much fancier? Of the two which one is better as we only want to have 2-3 pricier dinners out ($20+) and Kill Devil Grill and Lone Cedar are also on our list?

    1. Blue Moon is new this year, and while I've not yet been there, I've heard only good things. It's in a little strip center between the highways. Blue Point in Duck is fancier, has been here for many years, with its location right on the sound making for fantastic sunsets. Get seated on the screened porch if the weather suits you. We've always had a great meal there.

      1. If you haven't already finished your vacation, then I would definitely say go for Blue Point. We just got back from Duck today and we ate at Blue Point on Friday. It was awesome.