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Jul 21, 2009 05:42 PM

W. 97 Greenmarket


Could someone please give me a sense of what's available at the W. 97 Greenmarket? I can't find a list of vendors online, and I'd love to have a rough idea of how many vendors and what kind of products they bring. Obviously it will vary with the season, but maybe if someone could offer a representative list for the peak vs. slowest period? Especially interested in fresh local seafood... Thanks!

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  1. I just got back to town and Friday was my first visit this season, so forgive my lack of detail. The Greenmarket takes up about 3/4 of the block. It's a good size -- not so overwhelming and yet full enough that I get just what I need. On Friday, there was a butcher, one that specialized in turkey, and a fish monger. I got a lovely piece of striped bass. It was perfection. $19/lb. as I recall, which seemed pricey, but it was sublime. There is a cheese vendor, a yogurt/ice cream vendor, and a vendor for baked goods. There are several fruit and vegetable stands and they also carry preserves, ciders/juices, and fresh herbs. I got there around 11:30 and much of the butchers' products had been depleted. Loveliest of all is the jazz trio that brings a perfect vibe to the whole experience. I love this particular Greenmarket. If you need more details, I'd be happy to take notes for you this coming Friday.

    1. Although I often go to Union Square, the 97th St. Greenmarket is my weekly go-to market. Rick- the fish vendor (also at Union Square, the Sunday market on Broadway near Columbia and a few other markets) has fabulous seafood.If his fish were any fresher it would still be swiming.
      The artisinal cheese stand- Valley Shepherd Cremery make a dozen or so terrific cheeses- some very unusual, like a semi hard cheese with stinging neetles, and killer sheep's milk ricotta (stuffed ravioli, too)
      Bialas farms has a fabulous array of some of the best produce I've ever eaten- an added plus is that all of it has been scrupulously washed.
      I also like Bradley Farms for produce and their eggs and naturally raised pork. (You have to ask them about the pork).
      Next to them is a terrific stand for stone fruit- peaches, plums, cheeries, etc.
      There's a Roneybrook Dairy stand, at least one stand for baked goods, a new vendor with natural raised beef, a few more produce and fruit stands, a Di Paolo (?) turkley stand,
      More than enough variety to eat well for the entire weak. Love this market.

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        The farmer with the stone fruit is Locust Grove.

        Bialas Farms is my favorite too. Jeff (Bialas) also runs a winter CSA from 97th Street. You can ask him about it starting around Thanksgiving. And he usually throws an "open barn" party in the winter. It's terrific fun and just grand to be able to actually see his farm. That washing machine they have is from like 1900 and is just scary looking! (since you mentioned the washing, Ann900.) :)

        bballjdm -- I posted a detailed list on this thread: where you asked the question also.

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          Thanks, by the way, for letting me know about the market across from Mt. Sinai - I popped up there last Wed. and picked up a nice assortment of berries and vegetables.

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            MMRuth, did they have more than about four or five farmers? Just wondering if it got any bigger from when I was there. I liked the things I bought there except for the mint which died the next day. When I bought some on Friday at 97th Street I asked them how to store it properly so I don't kill it again. We shall see. :)

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              I think there were maybe four vendors - I bought something from each of them! I was surprised that there were actually more vendors at the one on 9th Avenue that I went to earlier this morning.

              By the way - I have a "new" method for storing fresh herbs, which has worked so well. In case you haven't seen that, here's the post:


              Various updates from me below that on how things progressed.

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                Excellent referral. Thank you so much. I will try that with the next batch of mint.

                All 5 of the sort-of-uws greenmarkets (57th, 66th, 77th, 97th, 106th) have pretty good stuff, in my experience. Though 97th is by far the most extensive.