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Jul 21, 2009 05:42 PM

Charleston Outdoor Dining

We are heading back to Charleston next week and while we've been there before and had some great meals, this will be our first trip with our infant. I know you are all probably groaning at the thought of trying to enjoy your dinner with a baby nearby but that's why I'm asking for advice. Our daughter loves to be outside and is almost always content as long as we are out of doors so I am looking for recommendations for good patio dining in the area - preferably in the historic district, but we will have a car. Both upscale and casual recommendations are welcome, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lucky for you we've been having a cool summer, because honestly it's too hot to eat outside most summers. We also don't have that many outdoor options in the city. But here it goes.

    82 Queen Street, good food.

    Pane Vino, excellent, like being in Italy!

    Cru Cafe, great food, small porch, charming! Call ahead for table, it's small and very popular with locals.

    Fleet Landing, only restaurant in city on the water. Good food, very noisy inside, so if the baby cried maybe no one would notice but I think you can also sit outside.

    Rue de Jean, a favorite, burgers to full entrees, on John Street. Gelato shop nearby.

    On Sullivan's Island

    Poe's Tavern, great burgers and fish tacos, hip, locals
    Dunleavy's, good burgers, fun, locals
    Station 22, burgers and more expensive faire, great flounder, locals

    Breakfast...all suggestions not necessarily out doors
    The Variety Store on Lockwood Boulevard, standard diner type of faire serving locals and marina overnighters. The Sea Biscuit on Isle of Palms, outdoors. Hominy Grill, fabulous hip southern food, downtown, no outdoor dining that I know of.

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    1. re: By the Sea

      I second the rec for Cru Cafe, this is my favorite restaurant in town, they do have outside seating and you can make a reservation.

      I also like Marina Variety Store, they don't have an outdoor space, but the restaurant has a lot of windows that overlook the water. Hominy Grill does have an outdoor space, there is a courtyard off to the side.

      I can't however recommend 82 Queen, while they have a lovely courtyard, I don't think the food is up to par.

      I also want to say that a lot of restaurants in town also have a few tables outside so if somewhere interests you I would call and ask.

      1. re: lizzy

        82 Queen is awful. Avoid like the plague.

        Carry on.

      2. re: By the Sea

        Thanks you guys for the recs. I will report back what we try. I'm sure we will go to Rue de Jean because we go there everytime we visit. Other places sound like good options too. Hoping it doesn't storm while we're there like the reports are predicting.

        1. re: By the Sea

          Il Cortile Del Re on King has an outdoor deck, tucked inside. I haven't been there in 5 years, though.

          I've had lunch at 82 Queen a few times and enjoyed it.

          Cru Cafe is also very good, but small!