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Jul 21, 2009 05:41 PM

Best homemade pie?

Ok the thread of pies in the olympics prompted me for this one. I am looking for the best homemade peach pie or lemon marange pie or any good fruit pie in the Washington. Anywhere in washington just let your words flow on all your favorite place for pie.

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  1. Doubt that they have lemon marange and may not have peach but I know they have an assortment of berry pies. We live in Portland and make a trip to Hood River ever summer to buy a couple of their pies, Yummy.

    1. Raspberry Pie -- Dutch Mother's Restaurant -- Lynden, Washington
      made the number one spot on a nationwide 'Best Pie' tour

      1. The best homemade pie is served at my home, but you can't come, sorry. Best homemade pie served in a restaurant is a mystery to me, but for the best restaurant pie I'd agree with paulj -- Dutch Mother's.

        The term for what I think you seek is more and more popular, but awkward "House-Made."

        1. Simply Desserts in Fremont has an almost as good as homemade mixed berry pie . I'm baking my own this weekend . . . .

          1. I've seen it mentioned in other places and I've always meant to get over there (West Seattle is pretty far for desert), but you might look at Shoofly Pie in West Seattle.