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Jul 21, 2009 04:52 PM

Best Chinese Wedding Banquet Location?

Hi Hounds,

I´m scoping out potential locations for a Chinese wedding banquet in the Boston area for apx. 150 people. Multi-course, delicious food is a MUST. Ideal if it´s convenient to the T. Atmosphere is flex though Í´d prefer to avoid the tackier end of restaurant decor. Any great experiences/ recommendations you could pass along would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You might take a look at Szechuan Garden in Woburn. The restaurant is in an old historic house (Baldwin Mansion) and on the second floor they have a very large room that might accommodate your party. I have done a lot of business entertaining there with guests from China and other parts of Asia and overall I think they serve some of the more authentic Chinese food in this area. The owner/manger, Michael, is a easy to work with and I am sure he could help in putting together a great menu for you.

    1. How about Heila Moon (sp?) on the edge of Chinatown. Very close to South Station. And the place is huge.

      1. I have many Asian-American clients and friends and have been to several weddings and banquets and they all seem to pick China Pearl. The banquets/weddings are generally held on the floor above the restaurant (3rd floor) and can accomodate several hundred. The banquets generally consist of about 10+ courses and are delicious.

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          Also consider Joyful Garden on Soldier's Field road in Brighton if you'd like a more car friendly place. The food is right up there.