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Jul 21, 2009 04:46 PM

New Floating Island with Butcher Block Top: To Cut or not To Cut?

When laying out our new kitchen, we had a section of wall with a baseboard radiator. We couldn't put a permanent cabinet there, so we opted for a floating island that we will roll away from the wall during the winter months when the heat is on.

The island has a butcher block top and I want to survey all of you as to whether or not you would cut on it. I'm leaning towards cutting on it (everything except raw meat). Any opinions against?

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  1. Yes!!! Cut, chop and dice like a madman. Why not meat? People are so germophobic; Christ, it's not called a Butcher's Block for nothin'!! Wood has natural antibacterial properties (ok, I made that up....). If you're really paranoid abt. germs, microbes, etc., do what they do at restos @ the end of the nite and wash the BB w/ a bleach solution and let dry. adam

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      Wood actually does have antibacterial properties.

    2. If the island is solid and doesn't move when you try to cut on it, then by all means, cut on it. That's what it's for. If after 30 or 40 years it gets too dished to cut on and isn't thick enough to be worth planing, then you'll have earned the right to buy another one.

      1. Cut on it! I've had a small rolling cart with BB top that I've been cutting on for years. As long as you take care of it, oil/wax it regularly, it will be beautiful. My cart is my favorite part of the kitchen, has a lot of character built up over the years. And if you don't like the scratches you can always sand them out.

        1. Yes by all means use it! Be sure to maintain it regularly. I'll leave you a link to some board wax that you can order pre-mixed and is great stuff or you can make your own by mixing 1 part paraffin to ten parts mineral oil. Just nuke the mixture until the paraffin melts in the oil.

          1. Why in heavens name would you have a butcher block if you don't cut on it? For show? You might as well put in granite or corian!! I have had mine for 32 years and that's why I put it in!!