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Jul 21, 2009 04:25 PM

Beltline in YYC - Looking Up!

A walk down 1st St SW by 12 Ave today has me excited - finally some places to try close to where I work!

In fact, its almost doubled - the only things close were Vicious Circle, Koi (or Convergence Cafe now), St. Germain & Raw Bar - but they weren't places I would want to visit with some frequency.

A lot of these places have been scattered across the board, but looks like John Gilchrist has encapsulated them in the Herald this weekend:

Chow Bazaar/Deville
Giuseppe's Italian Deli and Market (not quite open yet

Now if only the Drum and Monkey could pick itself off the floor, I'd be happy (or if a decent East Indian buffet appears by me)!

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  1. Hop & Brew has decent pub pizza.
    You're also near Vietnam Restaurant (227 12 Avenue SE), which I liked a few years ago, but haven't been to recently.

    Glad to hear that the menu at Convergence didn't change much from Koi. I loved Koi.

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      1. re: 23skidoo

        i think the Vietnam restaurant is gone, was that the one where queen of sheba was too? that block is empty now...

        1. re: pants

          That was Viet-West - I think they've re-opened elsewhere. Vietnam by 1St SE (Macleod Trail) is still there. Can't wait for that block to get re-developed...

      2. I can't get over how much more welcomingthis stretch 1st St feels as Colours and the new Hotel Arts retail block are getting completed. Look for a Jugo Juice (I know, it's not that exciting but more indication of how much change is happening) to open at the retail level of Union Square across the street from DeVille as well. As recently as a couple of months ago it was still basically you and the crackheads; today is a very different sort of experience. I'd say the same, albeit with a less inviting streetscape, on 1st SE, with all the new frontages between Vetro and where Sunterra is going in, with the Callebaut block across the street and behind (towards Macleod) that new burger lounge. It's all very exciting.

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        1. re: John Manzo

          This is great! I work in that area but have been on maternity leave so missed all the new developments. Does anyone know when the Sunterra will be open?

        2. Hey now, Drum & Monkey has its own charm. Without it, that block runs a serious risk of being a little too "uppity." : )

          But yes, wholeheartedly agree that the 1st St. block is looking fantastic. I walk through there regularly and I love watching the progress.

            1. re: worldwidestuff

              VERY close- the espresso bar is complete and all the carpentry looks done- I wouldn't be surprised to see them open in the next week or so.

            2. Wow has it come a long way on 1st Street SW. It's looking really good over there. I tried Atomic - the lychee-lemonade slushy (there is a huge selection of flavors) and beef sate ($10 total). It was awesome. Deville not so good, except the coffee. St. James Pub - clubhouse really good, pizza not so much. I can't wait for Giuseppe's - hurry up and open!

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              1. re: TSAW

                I can't wait either. Walked by today, still nothing.