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Jul 21, 2009 04:03 PM

Sisig -- I love you

On a tip from my dad's Pilipina heath care provider, I went to my neighborhood pancit place (Bethchay's in Penasquitos) today and tried the sisig. YUMMY! The dish is made with chopped lechon (chunks of pork belly, deep fried until crunchy, which in itself is fabulous), diced onion, chile, bell pepper (red and green), and crushed garlic, all dressed with an acid (either vinegar or lemon juice). It's kind of a lechon ceviche and it's soooo good! Everyone, go to your nearest Philipino restaurant and order you some sisig -- you'll be glad you did (no rhyme intended). Cheers!

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  1. address? hours? other menu items?

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      Filipino point-point restaurants tend to be open 7am - 9 or 10pm. Filipinos LOVE to eat and chat! No better way than over some hot, baked pandesal and coffee or even a bowl of beef or pork, tamarind-flavored Sinigang filled with vegetables over steamed rice.

      Betchay's is in the Vons shopping center in Rancho Penasquitos, next to a pet store.
      Sisig is good there, especially when you go in the morning. Ask when they cooked it though because for some reason, even with the vinegar and lemon juice, sisig can go rancid and ew! I do like their suman, sticky rice made with coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves. Incredibly soft and glutinous, it's so good with fresh, sliced champagne mangoes from the grocery store.

      Orient Valley is also in RP next to Armstrong Nursery. Their crispy, meaty shanghai lumpia seems to disappear at parties before I can even get to them. I easily bring 50-100 of those things and prefer shanghai to the regular vegetable lumpia, which are only slightly bigger.
      Orient Valley, 9879 Carmel Mtn. Rd in the Stater Bros. Shopping Center, north of SR-56.

      Best pandesal (slighty sweetened rolls) are at Valerios in Mira Mesa in the Lucky Seafood shopping center with Cristy's, just west of them, a close 2nd. Both on Black Mtn. Rd & Mira Mesa Blvd. you got me hungry SDgirl.......

      1. re: Sampaguita

        For me, the best Pan de Sal is Valerio's in National City. Strangely, I enjoy Pan de Sal with Kalua Pork...go figure.....

        Best Turo-turo Sisig for me is Conching, though it's usually special order. Had the Sisig from Betchay's two weeks ago, and I thought it was too greasy and bland.Great service though, makes Tita's seem like the soup Nazi. I thought Manila Fast Food in MM was better. For outside of a city that starts with National, Mira, or Chula, I thought the Sisig from FredCel was pretty good.

        Gotta watch if you order order Sisig in sit down restaurants, you might get Sisig Pampanga, which I like, but it is pig head, ears, and liver, sometimes with an egg cracked on top, instead of the Lechon Kawale. It is still good stuff.

        Now you gotta get some good crispy pata to finish things off.

        It's too bad that lots of folks diss Filipino Food, I for one see the soulfulness in it.