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Jul 21, 2009 03:30 PM

[DFW]99 Ranch Market is Coming to Plano!

Great news for CA transplants :-)

I hope they'll bring CA prices with their larger chain (than their TX competitors).
They send a discount coupon for your b-day every year.

Now only if we could have TJ here... (and also Coco's Asian Chicken Salad).

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  1. We just told me aunt in Plano the good news. Whenever she visits us here in California, she stocks up quite a bit at 99 Ranch!

    1. hopefully they help bring a couple more restaurants to that spot. And a good bakery would be nice although probably not so good for the waistline. Should be pretty convenient for me if the produce is any good, they'll have a lot of competition though.

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      1. re: luniz

        I know. Super G might go out of business. (I'd rather keep it than Asia World. I know you and many ppl disagree!)

        For a restaurant, I would want Sam Woo (from CA), much better than FCB!

      2. Love Ranch 99. Hope they do a Hawaii format with a a nice food court. Just got back from SoCal and not loving TJ's so much anymore. With the exception of produce, the prices were kind of high.

        1. Wow! I'm really excited! I miss 99 Ranch.

          1. This is great news. I just checked their website, but no word of when they are opening yet. Any idea when they will be opening?

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            1. re: LucyK

              Possibly towards the second half of this summer.