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Jul 21, 2009 02:55 PM

Ice cream - subbing splenda for sugar?

Has anyone tried substituting splenda for sugar in homemade ice cream? I am wondering if/how it affects the consistency.


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  1. i think you can get away with subbing half of the sugar with splenda but nothing more than that. I've made a cake with 100% splenda and it was not "spendid" by any means.

    Sugar in the icecream makes sure the mixture does not completely freeze, so that is is soft and scoopable.

    I think using 100% spenda will also lack volume or might be trickier to make, since you might have a hard time beating in ribbons in your egg yolks (?) and the product might be a little more icy.

    1. I routinely bake with Splenda® and I've found it replaces sugar fairly well. I admit I've found it better to increase the amount of liquid in the recipe when using it in place of granulated sugar but it still works fine.
      For ice cream, I agree that you'd probably end up with something between ice cream and a sorbet. But I'd still suggest you give it a try (use about 3/4 - 7/8 the amount of Splenda® rather than exchanging it cup for cup with the sugar) and use the highest quality ingredients you can find for the remainder of the recipe.
      Let us know how it works out for you and what, if any, problems you experience. We all learn through experimentation and posting the results of your experiments here will help others who might want to try (even modify) the approach you elect to use.

      1. I have made Alton Brown's Ice Cream recipes in both vanilla and chocolate flavors substituting 100% of the sugar requirement with Splenda. Although the initial egg mixture didn't exactly ribbon, the final result was perfection! Eaten directly from the ice cream maker is was a delectable soft serve and left overnight in the freezer, it became firm and scoopable! The perfect low-carb treat for a sweet tooth :)