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Jul 21, 2009 02:08 PM

Near Greenville, ME

My groom and I are going to be renting a place on Moosehead Lake near Greenville, ME the first week of August. (Hope it stops raining!). Anyway, we'll have transportation, so we have the ability to drive places. So here are my questions:

1. we'll be spending a day at Bar Harbor. What is the ONE PLACE where we should have dinner. Nothing fancy by any stretch.

2. Any places around Greenville where we can get a decent bite - again, not fancy.

Anything else we should be told about in the area? Thanks.

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  1. Well, if you've only got one meal, I'd head over to Thurston's Lobster Pound in Bernard. Two-level screened-porch dining area hanging over a lobster-boat-filled harbor. Lobster, of course. It's not fancy--you order at the counter.

    Greenville: Rod & Reel is the most reliable choice in Greenville, and the food is quite good. You might also want to drive to a few of the sporting camps--West Branch Camps is a classic as is Pittston Farm. En route to either, you'll likely spot deer, moose, etc. Roads are better to West Branch. All have web sites, just google them.

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      LOL Mainegal....we hit Greenville dead on!

      I lived their for a bit you?

      We must have been typing the same time....look at our post times.....thats too funny.

    2. Bar harbor...I just had dinner @ Havana...up scale...excellent service...smoken reviews For pub fair Geddy's is my fav. Huge menu for a pub....quality food....not a place to relax though. Breakfast

      BUT!!!! If you can talk your way to a dinner off the island I'll put this place against anything north of Boston. Unbeilevable food. Tapas menu is a oure joy to paroose. Entrees are varied and preparation is top shelf....I KNOW...I KNOW..ITS NOT ON THE OCEAN!. Check out the web site & tapas menu.....down town Ellowsworth on US route 1....your gonna drive right by it. You will thank your self.

      Greenville don't worry thier is nothing fancy....say beside the Blair Hill Inn....and they have limited hours. Rod and Reel was always my favorite spot, Loved there scallop roll always fresh. Guy running it always also took pride in his pasrami sandwich. Good chowder too. small place. Second favorite wouuld be Kelly's landing in Greenvill Junction. Good seafood chowder & nice salad bar (only one in town I knew of. For a fun little trip up the west side of moose head go to Pittston Farm Nice drive on a true maine "loggin road" you nay have to pay a north wood toll...but it's only a few buck and helps maintain the road. The trip might take you half hour 45 minutes. Never ate at the farm but they were a customer of mine when I work in Greenville for a few years. Owner are high quality and I'm sure the food is to...beautifull rock bed rivers around the farm for you and groom to get some pictures and fun walk.
      I would stay away from the Black Frog except for drinks.....same with Leasure Life resort

      All links have menus......enjoy & post back your trip!