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Jul 21, 2009 02:05 PM

Worth a Visit in New Haven?

A weekday evening there is so far unplanned. Anything really interesting?

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  1. With the endless debates over the best pizza in America....Pepe's, The Spot, Sally's, Modern,...pick a card, any card...

    1. Wooster street for the pizzas. Will be crowded, and you will have to wait in line. The white clam pie is awesome. Love Pepe's a little more than Sally's, but they're equally good.

      1. Not to knock the pizza, but if you're interested in something else, there are lots of good possibilities. Some of the best Spanish food in the country is at Ibiza, and many people like Barcelona as well (with Ibiza Tapas in Hamden another possibility). For quite interesting non-pizza Italian, try Skappo (Umbrian place in 9th Square district; not open Monday or Tuesday). For remarkable and unusually refined Indian, Thali (or if you're a vegetarian, Thali 2 by the Yale Bookstore). For Malaysian, Bentara. For Japanese, there are at least three excellent places in nearby Orange, namely Wasabi, Wild Ginger, and East; many like Miso in New Haven, though I don't think it's up to the standard of the places in Orange. Bespoke and its upstairs variant (whose name I can't recall) have interesting food, though I personally don't like the atmosphere (YMMV). Zinc is consistently good (not everyone agrees, I think), and its new informal outdoor designer pizza branch is an alternative to the classics. Geronimo is uneven, but has some good New Mexican things, and a mind-boggling assortment of tequilas. Union League is something of a cliche, but still surprisingly good much of the time. There are lots of places that are surely worth a visit -- some even qui valent le voyage.

        These and a number of others are standard topics on this board, and you'll find lots of information on all of them and others here. Just don't think of New Haven only in terms of pizza....

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          Good post. In New Haven itself, I'd go with Ibiza, Skappo, Thali, or Bentara, and add L'Orcio, which serves Northern Italian.

          1. re: linguist

            Only reason I heavily endorse the NH pizza is because I haven't lived there in 20+ years, but I know that is a one constant in an always changing industry. The restaurants I frequented are probably no longer open, or I wouldn't recall exactly where in the city they are, if still open and viable, as in a good meal to rec.

            1. re: Phurstluv

              Agreed! Pepe's. My parents turned me on to this one when I was a teenager and I must have been a mini-chow, b/c I immediately adored it too . My parents' fave has always been the clam pizza at Pepe's. They would drive more than two hours for this pizza, making a day of it! So that answers the question of your post, right? They nearly convinced me to attend Yale, dreaming of four years of Pepe's every time they visited. Half-kidding. I can't imagine the amount of pizza I would have eaten if I had ended up at Yale!

          2. The original comment has been removed