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Jul 21, 2009 02:04 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Venue (Plano)

We are looking for a rehearsal dinner venue for a Friday evening in March. The rehearsal is in Plano, but the hotel for guests is in the downtown/uptown area. We are looking preferably for a place with a private room that can seat 35-40. My fiance is a foodie and really wants someplace very delicious. We would like to keep it $30-$35 a head including alcohol. We are looking for something along the lines of Hattie's, Tillman's, The Grape, or Belmont Hotel. Please let me know if you have any great ideas for us. Thanks!!

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  1. WOW! Doesn't look like you're getting much direction here - not that I can be of much. Have you been to Hattie's? I haven't seen any outward sign that Hatties offers a private room, but with your request, I'd assume not only are you looking for privacy, you may also be looking for a bit of conversational quiet space. Hattie's open dining area is anything but quite, particularly during peak hours. Just FYI.

    Edit - Albeit, a Fri. night in uptown will be crazy, but have you considered The Porch? Don't know if they have a private dining area, but I wonder if they'd let you reserve the "porch"? Temps should be pleasant in March.

    1. Hattie's, Tillman's and Belmont (which I think is temporarily closed) would not be good choices. They are extremely loud and I really wouldn't want my rehearsal dinner at the Belmont. Tillman's does have a private room, but I just don't think you would be immune to the noise. Lots of hard surfaces and thus, the noise travels. I have to think a bit, but I just came from Zander's in Plano and they do a lot of weddings (don't know how that works for you logistically). Steel, Arcodoro Pomodoro, Hibiscus, Campisi's Downtown (they supposedly will let you staff a bar for you and have your own's a pizza place), Javier's, Iron Cactus, Mercury Grill, Abacus, Pepe's and Mito's, Kirby's on Greenville, Marrakesh, and Sambuca (I believe) have private rooms. I have not been to all these places and can't vouch for the noise levels. Hopefully, some hounders will chime in and contribute their thoughts. I'd call ArcPom, Hibiscus, and Javier's first. But if I had my pick, I'd go with El Ranchito. It's so festive with music and great homemade tortillas. It's not super fancy, but they have 2 rooms, one that can seat 20 and the other 60. Food is really good. It would definitely live up to any foodie's standards. Happy Dining!

      1. My son just got married in Dallas in June. We had the rehearsal dinner at St. Martin's Wine Bistro. We dealt with Iris who was so helpful - even customized the menu to suit us. We had a private room for 45 people.

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          Thanks so much for all of the suggestions. We will definitely have fun tasting our way to the right local:)