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Jul 21, 2009 01:54 PM

Hawthorne Eating (Lunch, Specifically)

I just recently moved a little further north, so I won't be eating lunch at my old spots in lower westchester as much. I live off of Commerce and I see we have Finnegan's, The Cabin, Johnny's Bar & Grill (eaten at Azurri once, it was good), Gordo's and Victors?

Which is the best for a simple lunch; burgers, fries, etc.
Most expensive?

Any other spots? Thanks! I will eventually try them all, but always good to be prepared.

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  1. In the Rose Hill Shopping Center you have Silvio's for decent pizza and Italian - inexpensive and the Chinese Take Out Place - Hunan Ritz? that is very good. Tramontose on 9A is decent Italian. Ichi Riki supposed to be excellent sushi.

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    1. re: wincountrygirl

      Funny. I was just at Silvio's today thinking about what people were saying on this post! Definitely good food, but I am going to end up in a fight with someone in that parking lot. I have a bad temper. :)

      1. re: bpstyles

        Well, I can't comment on the parking lot - we have a worse one where Iive in Goldens Bridge,but Silvio's food is ok!

    2. nearby
      thornwood-A&S italian deli, abis sushi,gordos burgers etc) hawthorne
      pleasantville-diner near saw mill pkwy

      1. thornwood: Swadee (thai) -- reasonable lunch buffet
        pleasantville: Bollywood Bistro (indian) -- v. good lunch buffet
        pleasantville: Sundance Deli --great sandwiches, Mexican food, salad (take out)

        1. Great Indian-Pakastani takeout at Westchester Grocery (aka Khan's Indian Kitchen) in Thornwoood. Just drive slow, or you'll breeze right past it!

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              LOL!! We're all big fans of the place! Good call on Sundance Deli, spa. Love their breakfast sandwiches . :o)

          1. a&s is very good, but if you want good chili,burgers or wings just go down to so dam hot in valhalla,haven't been for awhile, but the new (er) owners were doing a very good job