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Hawthorne Eating (Lunch, Specifically)

I just recently moved a little further north, so I won't be eating lunch at my old spots in lower westchester as much. I live off of Commerce and I see we have Finnegan's, The Cabin, Johnny's Bar & Grill (eaten at Azurri once, it was good), Gordo's and Victors?

Which is the best for a simple lunch; burgers, fries, etc.
Most expensive?

Any other spots? Thanks! I will eventually try them all, but always good to be prepared.

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  1. In the Rose Hill Shopping Center you have Silvio's for decent pizza and Italian - inexpensive and the Chinese Take Out Place - Hunan Ritz? that is very good. Tramontose on 9A is decent Italian. Ichi Riki supposed to be excellent sushi.

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      Funny. I was just at Silvio's today thinking about what people were saying on this post! Definitely good food, but I am going to end up in a fight with someone in that parking lot. I have a bad temper. :)

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        Well, I can't comment on the parking lot - we have a worse one where Iive in Goldens Bridge,but Silvio's food is ok!

    2. nearby
      thornwood-A&S italian deli, abis sushi,gordos burgers etc) hawthorne
      pleasantville-diner near saw mill pkwy

      1. thornwood: Swadee (thai) -- reasonable lunch buffet
        pleasantville: Bollywood Bistro (indian) -- v. good lunch buffet
        pleasantville: Sundance Deli --great sandwiches, Mexican food, salad (take out)

        1. Great Indian-Pakastani takeout at Westchester Grocery (aka Khan's Indian Kitchen) in Thornwoood. Just drive slow, or you'll breeze right past it!

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              LOL!! We're all big fans of the place! Good call on Sundance Deli, spa. Love their breakfast sandwiches . :o)

          1. a&s is very good, but if you want good chili,burgers or wings just go down to so dam hot in valhalla,haven't been for awhile, but the new (er) owners were doing a very good job

            1. I've always enjoyed a burger and fries at Finnegan's, but I haven't been there in awhile so I'm not sure how their prices are. I agree with the person who recommended Bollywood.

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                Did not like Finnegan's at all. Way too expensive for a regular burger. Michael's in Pleasantville and John's Bar & Grill on Commerce across from the animal hospital were very, very good.

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                  I forgot about Michael's, I like them! The thing I liked about Finnegan's was their buffalo blue burger, with buffalo sauce and blue cheese on it, I had never seen that before.

              2. i think you should avoid johnny's. no matter what! very expensive tasteless food with lousy service...not azzuri's that is for SURE!

                as far as finnegans, if you stick with their burgers you will be very happy. they taste yummy and are reasonable in price and the wait staff is on it...quick and efficient. the rest of the items there are not as consistent. i have had terrific and horrendous there, depending on dish and day. the hamburgers, of all types , are consistently good.

                also good hamburgers are at mccarthurs in pleasantville.

                i dont like gordo's hamburgers at all, personally. had one once and never went back! never been to victors for food, and havent hit the cabin in years.

                ok so that is my take on the casual hamburger joints in hawthorne!

                i have had decent take outmeals at amore's and silvios. dino's pizza is my favorite pizza.

                sundance deli in pleasantville by is the best deli around, imho

                1. Mina's Pizza on Marble Avenue in the plaza video shopping center. I love their pizza but they serve the best burek that I have had. They also have very good Gyro. A friendly place.