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Jul 21, 2009 01:30 PM

Is Oyamel good?

Has anyone dined at Oyamel? Got a big date this weekend and I want to make sure it is worth it.

Are the grasshoppers actually tasty in the taco setting or is it a waste of time?

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  1. The grasshoppers are salty and dry - not really worth $5 per taco. I think people eat them in other countries because they're cheap, whereas here it's expensive compared to other tacos. Oyamel is okay. One might argue it's the best Mexican restaurant in DC but that just shows you how deplorable DC's Mexican restaurant scene is. I actually prefer more hole-in-the wall places for authentic tacos, but you don't want to take a date there.

    1. I have been disappointed again and again by Jose Andres' restaurants. Oyamel is decent but not fantastic.

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        I agree, I think they are overrated. The tapas/small plates craze is now everywhere. Yes, Jose introduced it to DC, but I don't think his product is necessarily what it used to be.

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          isn't it a shame that josé andrés' restaurants don't serve the gorgeously delicioso dishes i crave on his "made in spain" show?

        2. The tacos de chapulines are
          - crunchy
          - moist
          - taste more like spice, lime, and cilantro than grasshopper

          There's no doubt that you're eating grasshopper, cause you can distinguish the legs and thorax, but I couldn't find any kind of insect taste as I ate both of mine.

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            the grasshopper tacos at $5 each are worth trying (and enough to share just a bite with another person) and worth trying if you have never had grasshopper. basically in the frying process whatever is inside the grasshopper gets fried out so you are just easting the crispy crunchy friend shell. after the first time, I don't feel the need to reorder, but it was definitely fun to try.

          2. I had a bite of my husband's grasshopper taco...he liked it, but I thought it was just okay (preferred my baby pig confit taco). WestIndianArchie's observation is spot on. The night we had it, they made the taco really tangy...too much. I was fine just having that one bite, wouldn't want to have it again.

            1. Crunchy and spicy, no other flavor than the spices. Ok at best. If you go, definitely order the salmon ceviche; it is excellent. In general, stay away from the snacks (tacos,etc) and go for stuff you can't get elsewhere.