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Jul 21, 2009 01:30 PM

Going in mid-aug. What's in season?

Heading down soon but I'm Worried that I wont find the things I love the most ( fresh oysters, crawfish in the shell ) please tell me i will be able to find some. Also my girlfriend not a seafood girl. Any ideas on where I can take her?

We will be here from Friday till Tuesday. Here are the places I have chosen so far:

Friday Dinner: Cochon or Mr. B's
Sat Lunch: Luke
Dinner: Nola

Sunday: Cafe du Monde
lunch ???????
dinner Mandian's

Monday: Commander's Place (lunch. Garden room I hope!!)
Dinner Herbsaint

Add in some munchies places like Gumbo Shop and the Flying Burrito.
How did I do??????

Thanks for the info!!


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  1. mid-August is shrimp season. I personally don't eat raw oysters in August, but others do, and you'll have no problems finding oysters. Crawfish in the shell: most emphatically out of season in August.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Don't forget crabmeat! Winter lump crab is more likely to have shell in it but in the summer the stuff is perfect

    2. I'd make Mr. B's a lunch, when the BBQ shrimp is just as good and much cheaper and the cocktails are $1.50, or even a snack (split a plate of BBQ shrimp at the bar) and go someplace else Friday night, like K Pauls or Pelican Club.

      Lunch Sunday... is Napoleon House open on Sunday? (That would be a good munchies option either way) Or do you want to do brunch? Lil Dizzy's on Esplanade would be my pick.

      Your girlfriend doesn't like seafood... She should find plenty of other options. But do NOT let her get away without tasting the BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's. The head on-tail on-legs on serving will probably freak her out but make sure she has a taste anyway. Damn, that flavor...

      People love the Flying Burrito but I don't think I'm ever in town long enough to want to have a meal that doesn't serve the cuisines of the region or something connected to them (like African food). Joey K's is also on Magazine st and might be a good pick. I've also read some good things about Ignatius on here.

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      1. re: kukubura

        Unfortunately, Napoleon House is not open on Sundays ;0(

        1. re: philmaur

          I'm a cold muff kind of guy. I will be going to Central Grocery right?

        2. Any of the bigger places will offer non-seafood stuff...steaks, veal chops, chicken (but it is hard to get good chicken nowadays). Other than classic seafood joints, you'll be fine sticking to any of the classics....

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          1. re: hazelhurst

            Vizard's Chicken and Lilette's Coq au Vin are two of my more memorable meals. Chateau du Lac does a stellar Coq au Vin as well.

            1. re: edible complex

              SUre..but most chicken does not that a thing like it used to years ago--same is true for most beef. I can make decent Coq au vin with whatever is in the store, but the good old birds are hard to find. Try to find a stewing hen anywhere...I have to go way out to find the hens that have gone broody. But the flavor of that stock is unsurpassed.

            2. re: hazelhurst

              How far of a cab ride is Willie Mae's Scotch House from the Hilton riverside (that's where we are staying.) And are they open on Sunday's

            3. Skip Nola and go to Emeril's (flagship). IMO one of our best and certainly his (best). They have good non seafood options as well. You will need a resv.

              1. and remember that Mandina's is cash-only (tho' there's an ATM on premises)