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Jul 21, 2009 01:28 PM

Yo Mama: kitchen train-wreck or kitchen saint?

A lot of posters seem to have had mothers who were really bad cooks, who hated cooking, or came up with exceptionally weird food. Some have mentioned that Mom was so disinterested in cooking and that they started to do the all cooking at age seven. Other Moms got sidetracked and dead-ended by canned and convenience foods. Although others than appeared maxed out at opening a can of cat food. Mom's cooking has engendered threads about “weird dishes found only in your family”, “atrocious casseroles” (e.g., banana and chicken liver), and the worst stuff your Mom made. Most of these posters are clearly satisfied that they overcame such childhood deprivation to become Hounds and cooks. But NO THANKS to MOM!

But my mom and aunts were from scratch, multi-cuisine, no canned or prepared foods, great cooks, foragers, and bakers. I’m a pretty good cook, but not as good as Mom was.

Was your Mom a kitchen train-wreck or kitchen saint?

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  1. Total train wreck except when it came to getting ice out of the trays for cocktails. She was also pretty good at opening up cans of Planters mixed nuts to go along with those.

    1. Mostly a train wreck, canned vegetables, meat in a pressure cooker, and mashed potatoes every night for dinner. Slice of "boiled ham" on white bread for school lunch every day for years. Dad's cooking was more interesting, roasted beef heart, beef tongue, kidneys, liver and onions.

      1. My mother and aunts were the Italian version of your mother and aunts, Sam. There was nothing she couldn't, or wouldn't at least try, to cook. She was adventurous and had an excellent cookbook library, although most of what she cooked she must have grown up eating in Italy and in the early days here in Boston. Her mother was a fantastic cook and each of her four sisters were too Each had her own specialty and were very competitve about them. The odd thing is that they all married men who were very good cooks too.

        Even though they were professional people with time consuming jobs they managed to produce wonderful family dinners every night. We wouldn't think of saying no to anything any of them cooked. They were my standard then, they are my kitchen saints now.

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          Joe, always wondered why you and I think so much alike. Now I know.

        2. My mom's not a terrible cook, but not particularly good. However, my aunt (who lives with us) is a great cook so she got bumped out of the kitchen.... and even now, I still hear complaints from both about the other :(

          1. Mom was Irish on both sides & came from a long line of bad cooks. To make matters worse, Dad worked as a butcher. He'd bring home some beautiful pork chops & Mom would cook them until the NHL logo came up. One of the few things that brought tears to his eyes.