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Jul 21, 2009 01:09 PM

Canned Fish from Lisbon (Conserveira de Lisboa)

Recently we went to Lisbon and stopped in to Conserveira de Lisboa, a well-known shop that specializes in canned sardines, tuna, cod, etc. We bought a few cans to bring home. They are delicious--but almost gone. :( Does anyone know where to, or if it's possible to, get this product in the states, preferably near NYC? Thanks!!!

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  1. almcg,

    On Long Island you can try Mineola Food Market, 269 Willis Avenue, Mineola, NY (516) 746-6637. I know they have Portuguese specialty foods, including canned fish, although I'm not sure if the purveyor you mention imports to the US.

    In the City there is a great place that has authentic Spanish foods. DespaƱa, 408 Broome St, (between Centre St & Cleveland Pl), New York, NY 10013, (212) 219-5050

    1. Is this what I saw Anthony Bourdain eat in Spain? If so, let me know as well. He absolutely loved it.

      1. This was featured in Saveur magazine a couple months ago....the prices are not a joke!

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          wow, interesting link, but those prices are totally insane!! i wonder if there is a similar company devoted to the canned foods of portugal?