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Jul 21, 2009 01:00 PM

Coming to DC and dining at BLT Steakhouse and Sushi Taro

Greetings! I'm coming into DC this week and am having lunch at BLT Steakhouse and dinner at Sushi Taro. Considering the prices I'd rather not blow money on poor entree choices. If anyone has experience at these two places would love to hear about it. At BLT I'll be leaning towards one of the salads, not a huge steak fan. At sushi taro I'm up for anything!


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  1. Lunch at BLT Steak — definitely get the fries. last time i was there i had a steak and fontina sandwich that was soooo good, and it came with a side of the fries. don't know what to tell you about sushi taro.

    1. People seem to have mixed experiences at Sushi Taro. At the 6 seater sushi bar for $100 per person you get an awesome omakase (you have to e-mail them for reservation). Experience elsewhere in the restaurant seems less predictable.

      1. Sushi Taro has been on of the biggest disappointments this year for me. Do a quick search.
        This is what I wrote awhile back.

        I heard, however, that lunch at Sushi Taro isn't bad. I haven't been so....

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          agreed. Sushi Taro was no good when I went. Would rather spend my money elsewhere

        2. Sushi Taro is so noisy - my biggest complaint. I would suggest you do "little dishes" and get a good sampling of everything. Being summer, start with some edamame and a nice cold Japanese beer. If there are others in your group - get the big sized bottle and everybody pour for each other.

          I was a long-term resident of Tokyo, and don't really eat sushi outside Japan very often, so I can't help you there. But none of the other small dishes at Sushi Taro has ever really disappointed me.

          1. I haven't been to the new sushi taro so I can't comment personally. I know it's received a lot of criticism from those who use to frequent sushi taro pre renovations/revamped menu, etc. However, Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post gave it a great review: Please report back -- I am eager to hear about your experience.