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Jul 21, 2009 12:14 PM

Deep Dish Pizza-Chicago Style in DFW?

I am looking for a really good authentic deep dish pizza in the DFW area. Tons of toppings piled high. I know about Chicago's Finest in Plano, but I was wondering if there are any more out there?

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  1. Rosatis is pretty good, they have multiple locations, and it is the real deal. They also deliver.

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      1. re: joanna.mcmaster

        I tried Rosati's this weekend and was not impressed. The chicago style pizza was very bland. I liked Chicago Rick's, Chicago's Finest and Chicago St. better. I haven't had Chicago St in years. Has the Plano location gone downhill?

        1. re: snatex

          Chicago Rick's pizza isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it Chicago Style because it isn't a true deep dish.

      2. I have not found one yet. Chicago's Finest is a knock off of Rosati's. It used to be a Rosati's and they were able to get out of the franchise for some reason.

        Rosati's/Chicago's Finest deep dish is not a true deep dish. The crust is too thick. It should be thick on the outside and thinner in the middle. Deep dish pizza has a lot of cheese, tomatoes and whatever other toppings you get. I do like Rosati's thin crust though.

        As for Chicago St., It is terrible.

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        1. re: Niko

          I guess I should preface this by saying that I've only had Chicago style pizza (i.e. in Chicago) three times in my life and it's been a while. However...

          What don't you like about Chicago St? I've only been to the McKinney location (heard the Plano location isn't as good) and find the thin crust pizza pretty good. I do like Rosati's thin crust better, but I don't think Chicago Street's is that bad.

          I've never had their deep dish, but I will say that their Italian beef is inconsistant - sometimes I think it's really good, other times it's not that great.

          Just curious about your opinion on the place, as I see this is the second post where you've deemed them "terrible."

          1. re: txram

            Dont bother trying to get Chicago pizza in Dallas. Just order Giordano's and have it overnighted via fed ex.


            It comes 1/2 baked and is awesome.

            1. re: ssh

              I completely's worth the $20 shipping!

            2. re: txram

              Thin crust is not Chicago style. It's a completely different style of pizza. You could be good at one and not the other.

              My question is why is a place called Chicago St. serving thin crust pizza?

              1. re: Bill Brasky

                There's actually a thin crust pizza sliced into squares and does fall under Chicago style. Both Rosati's and Chicago Street serve these pizzas and cut them into squares. Eno's in Bishop Arts does this as well.

                Back to the subject of deep dish, I've had no problems with Chicago's Finest deep dish. I stumbled across Uno's in downtown FW when I was trying to find a pizza by the slice place (Sammy's) for some cannoli, but haven't tried them yet. Uno's only serves deep dish pizzas but for all I know they may not be worth trying since it looked like they are a chain.

                Last but not least, why don't you try Little Joe's in Keller? Searching back shows some good results.

                1. re: air

                  Save your $$$ on Uno's. When they first opened franchises here in the late 80's-early 90's (Arlington and Addision), they were damn good and tasty. Looking at each slice, you could visually id the individual layers.

                  I had jury duty in FW a few months back and hit Uno's (within walking distance of the courthouse) for lunch. Had an individual pizza (which I'd ordered at aforementioned locs) and I'd bet my good money it went from freezer to microwave to table.

                  Somewhere along the line they expanded their menu from pizza and perhaps a couple of pasta dishes, which they did very well, to a menu more akin to the now defunct Fridays. Avoid.

                  1. re: CocoaNut

                    Thanks for sharing a very honest opinion, that's quite helpful advice. I'll steer clear.

                    1. re: CocoaNut

                      i remember visiting Uno when i first moved here in the early '90s, it was my first experience with chicago-style pizza and it seemed awful.
                      then i went back a couple of years ago, and realized they used to be good and had gone downhill. some people who live in chicago tell me that the branches up there are a little better

                      two new places are opening in the next few weeks, here's a little item if anyone's interested:

              2. re: Niko

                Actually Rosati's deep dish is authentic chicago-style. It is exactly what you described >>Deep dish pizza has a lot of cheese, tomatoes and whatever other toppings you get>>
                I have always had a good experience at Rosati's.

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                  1. Ther is a place in Mesquite, I think its called Chicago's best. It's prity good.