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Jul 21, 2009 12:14 PM

Pareve birthday cake in Manhattan

Any suggestions for where to get a pareve birthday cake in Manhattan? I know I can order from Kosher Marketplace (where do they get them from?) and I'm considering picking up from Butterflake. But I just wanted to know people's opinions and if there are any other options. Thanks!

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  1. Chantilly will deliver cakes to Manhattan (they wanted to charge $5 to send my order to Washington Heights).

    1. Can all those who reply please specify the cost of the pareve cake. I just had a major time of it getting a reasonably priced pareve cake North of the city. Had to be pareve. Was being quoted $28 for a 7" birthday cake. Ridiculous!

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      1. re: cappucino

        Here's my research for a half sheet cake:
        Chantilly $65 +$5 delivery $65 including delivery (but sounds like it might be their 1st time)
        Butterflake $59 (don't know if they deliver)
        Kosher Marketplace $150
        Supersol $110

        Sounds like I might be going with Chantilly

          1. re: cappucino

            half sheet is a costco sized cake, no clue what it feeds, bbut that should give u a concept of the size

            and just a note 28 for a 7 inch is a standard price, its crazy but its whats everyone charges

            1. re: shoelace

              Unbelievable! I just don't get why we all put up with this. I know the wheat went up in price, but come on!

              1. re: cappucino

                its not just being ripped off bc were kosher, its the nonkosher bakeries as well, crazy, but reality

                and if u look into the nicer nonkosher bakeries, the prices are insane, cakemanraven, who was just on throwdown starts his 8 inch at 60, no thats not a typo, 60

                1. re: shoelace

                  Usually, the best deals are found at supermarket bakeries. It's possible that some ShopRite or Pathmark bakeries in religious areas have hashgacha but it's unlikely that they'd be selling pareve cakes.

                  1. re: DeisCane

                    also iv never had a really positvie experience with a store bakery

                    if youre going dairy, id say go costco

            2. re: cappucino

              A half sheet feeds 30-40 according to what they say. I ended up ordering from Chantilly since among the cheaper range they seemed to have done this before.

              1. re: luvinduvin

                Why not try the kosher classic, Moishe's Bakery on Second Avenue and East 5th Street. Everything made on the premises in the last heimishe bakery in the whole manhattan that actually bakes!

            3. re: luvinduvin

              Not parve but dairy, Costco is charging $17 for a half sheet, customized.


              1. re: MartyB

                That's the whole point. Often times, one needs to be able to serve a Pareve cake whether it be Shabbat-dictated or Cholov Yisroel restrictions of the guests dictated. So Costco, Stop and Shop and other cost effective alternatives do not fly. Hence the frustration level with the Pareve cakes. Now, Acme may be an alternative. I have to find out what they taste like.

                1. re: cappucino

                  I too feel it. if one looks at some of the prices, $150, $110 and then looks at the $17 that Costco charges one can't help but feel like one is being fleeced. Ones gut says that being parve should not command such a premium.

          2. If you're driving to NJ anyways, go to Acme in Clifton. OU Pareve. 10 minutes from Lincoln Tunnel right off Route 3. Cheapest kosher cakes at in store pareve pas yisrael bakery.

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            1. re: veryfatman

              The quarter sheet cake on the website is $17.99, so figure a half sheet is no more than $35.00.
              Lots cheaper than the list above for sure.

              1. As far as taste, Acme is pretty good and you have a choice of all the different decorations (they have a whole book you can choose from). They also have ready made cakes that they will inscribe on the spot "Happy Birthday" or whatever.

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                  We had my kids birthday at a meat restaurant and the restaurant ordered the cake to be delivered from the bakery in brooklyn that delivers their parve desserts. It was delivered to the restaurant, was pretty inexpensive and delicious. You might try a nearby kosher meat restaurant and ask if they will order it for you from their bakery purveyor for cost of the cake plus a small fee. Its no skin off their back really and If they have parties in the restaurant they may have ordered b-day cakes before.

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