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Jul 21, 2009 12:07 PM

your dream birthday cake

I am baking my own birthday cake this year. I like chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache -but obviously this will kill my house guests.

I wanted something luxurious and a *little* more involved. I thought about making that cake that is composed entirely out of crepes- or just a yellow cake and chocolate frosting. I can't make up my mind...

what's your version of your dream birthday cake, if you are to make one for yourself?

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  1. I've always wanted to make a Paris-Brest. You can certainly put ganache on it or a puddle under each slice for your chocolate fix.

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    1. re: nemo

      how fun! that looks like a giant doughnut! regardless, i love this recipe and i'm making very soon!


      1. re: jeniyo

        This is a cake I just created this weekend after a visit to the County Fair where they had a vendor selling chocolate covered bacon.

        Chocolate layer cake with crispy bacon chips. Put the layers together with whipped cream and cover with chocolate frosting. Top with crumpled crispy bacon chips.... hmmmmm

        1. re: Salty_Loves_Sweet

          wow. that's wild. how would think to replace bacon with the standard praline!?!

      2. re: nemo


        I so adore this web site.
        thank you for posting it.
        I plan on making this [third recipe down on the page of several] for Christmas with our little ones' help.
        they'll love getting their little hands into this and the result should be tremendous.
        I'm on a hunt for my pastry bags today, I know I have 2 sets. thank you so much for showing me this gorgeous link.

        jeniyo, I had a cake as you described a few years ago.
        the one with the layers all being crepes.
        at the time, I just thought it was a cake of 13 very thin cake layers.
        it was a birthday cake a man brought in to work as it was his birthday and his mom was known for these tremendously delicious and beautiful cakes but no longer did it for business only for special occasions like her sons birthday.
        it was by far the best cake I ever had. I'll also never have it again as it was across country from me and the birthday mans email address changed years ago so I lost touch. I asked him to ask him mom if I could visit her or her visit me, and we'd do the cake together. I had no idea how she got those layers sooooo thin. think now I know, crepes.

        mine would be yours though. dark rich chocolate cake with dark rich frosting and ganache over all.
        simply sinful :)

        1. re: iL Divo

          There is a "cake" called "Bibique" made by the Goans, consisting of multiple very thin layers. It is made by putting a thin layer of crepe-like batter into a cake pan and baking it for a short while, then topping it with another layer and baking that, and so on. The layers are usually coloured differently.

          My sister is making it for Christmas.

      3. If you like super-chocolate, that's totally what you should make. I think your house guests will probably love it too!

        That said, my dream birthday cake would probably be chocolate cake, hazelnut mousse, a thin layer of buttercream, and a chocolate band around the outside.

        1. I actually really love pie for my birthday but....a few years back my husband made me the Persian Love Cake that was on the cover of a Bon Appetit that month for my birthday. it was delicious and all our friends loved it. We went through a year or so cycle where everyone wanted it at their birthday. Someone also just mentioned this same cake in the rosewater thread. if you like the flavors involved give it a try:

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          1. re: ziggylu

            this sounds absolutely lovely! there's no birthdays happening this weekend but my friend is moving which is enough of an occasion for such a dessert. i think i'll try it - thanks for posting this!

          2. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Add a teeny bit of almond extract to the frosting!

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            1. re: CurlieGlamourGirlie

              has anyone besides me made this cake?


              it's the answer to curlieglamourgirlie quest

              1. re: iL Divo

                Yes, I made it. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed by it. I actually found it pretty tasteless. :( It was better on day two. Maybe I need to give it another shot.

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  wow, surprised to hear that.
                  but it can go wrong quick too.
                  many posters have had problems with it and the first time or two or three I did, I wasn't thrilled either. when I read the posts most say to try again and again, cause it will turn out great with persistence. our last piece eaten tonight was not flavorless in the slightest, actually very buttery, slight vanilla, not too sweet because I purposely limited my sugar a bit, and the aroma, very nice.

            2. Ooooh! I've been spending all of my free time lately thinking about this! I'm turning 30 in late august and think I will be making a chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream, perhaps with cream cheese frosting. I'll have to do extensive tests to see if frozen cream cheese frosting works with mint chip ice cream. But this will magically make it intact to the picnic where we will celebrate it with magically warm gougeres, veggie summer rolls, chorizo and champagne.

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