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Jul 21, 2009 11:55 AM

where is the best family run Italian restaurant in the Orlando/Kissimmee area?

I really like to go to locally owned/locally operated restaurants when we go out. Where are the best neighborhood places?

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  1. For Italian, I really like Enzo's in Longwood.

    1. We really like Antonio's in Maitland, Taquitos Jalisco in Winter Garden, Stone's Throw Bistro in Sanford, Imperial Dynasty in Longwood, and Ravenous Pig and Tolla's in Winter Park.

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      1. re: bcodom

        i think imperial dynasty is a chinese restaurant...not sure but i think the poster is asking for "italian"

        1. re: pdpredtide

          While all good places, the only one that's Italian there is Antonio's.

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            Sorry -- read the post too fast -- B

            1. re: bcodom

              i do that too sometimes its all good

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                I like Antonio's for "upscale" Italian, & Pannullo's in Winter Park for "down home" (red sauce / veal or chicken parm) Italian. I also like the fact they're not chain restaurants, which most of the restaurants down there are. Living in New England, I'm lucky to have a ton of single proprietor restaurants to choose from, so I miss that when I'm down there visiting.

        2. Many years ago there was a place called La Forchetta that was family run. We used to go there a lot. and loved it. No idea if it is still in existence or if it remains good.

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            We acctually went there the last time were were down (2006) and they are on the list for this year too. It is the type of place we search out when we travel. La Forchetta is popular with the Houston Astro spring training team according to the pictures there.

          2. There is a place over near seaworld called Famas Ristorante, that I discovered a couple of months ago. Basic italian. The food that I have had has been excellent. Stay away from the cannoli's though they were bad. Atmosphere is decent, service is acceptable, but the food has been outstanding.

            Del Dio is good downtown basic Italian and Terra Mia is good upscale itallian in Longwood.


            1. I'll second Terra Mia .

              Stephano's in Winter Springs - perfect example of a good family run Italian [ genuine] restaurant.