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Jul 21, 2009 11:41 AM

Best salads in SD????

Please give your top salads in SD.


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  1. Tender Greens, Liberty Station.

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      Tender Greens but Salad Style downtown is also very good.
      If you're in LJ, Lean n Green is organic and right up there.

    2. anything made from Chino Farms. I just got a few lettuces this weekend and for the first time in many years, my salad has FLAVOR, and not from the dressing!

      1. I'm always amazed at the "plain house" salad at Roxy's in Encinitas. They have what must be the tastiest "standard" greens and veggies. No micro-greens, edible flowers or even bitter greens but good old standard greens of incredible quality. The place is not much to look at, looks dated and forlorn, but everything there must be freshly made on the premises. (Note that it's mainly old diner counter standards redone with a strong vegetarian/health food bent, and not in the least contemporary.)

        It's just one of those things where I return once in a while just to check and see "was it really that good or am I just nuts - afterall it's just a plain old salad", and everytime I walk out saying yes, it was "that good". It may be served in one of those horrid pressed wood salad bowls, but no matter, it still is very, very good. I swear I could eat the whole salad without any dressing!

        Anyone else think so?

        Outside of their house salad the only salad that I've been impressed with was at the Poseidon in Del Mar, but that was a long time ago and I haven't been back since. If I recall right it was built and dressed tableside; wish I could remember more!

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          Are you serious about Poseidon ? If I would have to nominate one restaurant in SD as the lousiest one Poseidon would be at least in the top 3

          1. re: honkman

            Yep. We tended to go about once a year to sit "on the wall" and take in the beach (choosing to look past the mediocre food, but it just keeps getting worser and worser. Finally, I'm done.

            1. re: honkman

              Yes I was serious, but also mistaken. I confused The Poseidon for Jake's. Of course you're all correct about The Poseidon - strictly a spot for the "gimmick" of being able to have full-service dining while practically on the sand. But perhaps the name itself is telling - the food's a bit of a shipwreak in itself.

              As to Jake's that was the one and only time I was there, and the only thing that I remembered from my meal was their salad...

                1. re: stevewag23

                  You're just hoping he'll say they're in the Cohn Restaurant group.

            2. forgot to mention earlier that I like CPK's Thai Chicken Chopped Salad w/ the tamarind/peanut dressing. Lots of crunch from the peanuts and won ton skins and more texture from the edamame and bok choy.

              1. Good question. I'm on a "salad diet" and have tried salads most everywhere. Here are my findings:
                Pizza Nova: good variety from Chinese to Chipolte Lime to Caesar. Good portions and tasty, but not the best parts of the lettuce. B
                Sammy's: Chopped salad is hard to beat and one of my favorites. A-
                YanCan at Terminal 1 in airport: What a surprise. Their Chinese chicken salad is excellent, when they are not out of the ingredients. A
                CPK: BBQ chicken salad. Mediocre, chain food style. C+
                Bretts BBQ in Encinitas: A great salad with many fresh ingredients (jicama, corn, etc.) along with a choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken or brisket. A-
                Milton's: Salads generally very good, particularly the mediterranean in a pita. Pricey when you add chicken. A-
                Claim Jumper BBQ chicken salad. Very good and of course huge. B+
                Fidel's: Chicken salad. Lots of cabbage, tortilla chips covered with cheese and white meat chicken. Not diet, but very good. B
                Tender Greens: Excellent salads although not very imaginative and limited ingredients. But they use some of the best greens and the salads are really good. A