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Jul 21, 2009 11:41 AM

Venue for 40th birthday party

I'm hoping to get some suggestions for a place for a 40th birthday party for my husband this September. I'm leaning more towards a cocktail party (not a sit down dinner) so any place with an atmosphere appropriate for drinks/hors d'oeuvres. I'm guessing about 40 to 50 people and I would want to have it on a Saturday night. I'm not too sure on location. There may be some people coming from out of town, so I'm considering Boston; and we live in Newton, so anything in and between the two locations would work.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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  1. I had my 30th at Eastern Standard. Did drinks and apps in the front lounge/bar area that they set aside for us. I think that might be a little small for 40-50 people-- this was more like 25. Otherwise it fits your bill perfectly: great drinks, great snacks (we did some raw bar, charcouterie, fried stuff like salt cod fritters and calamari), great atmosphere, and located between Boston and Newton.

    1. Mistral has a room that holds 60 and could do heavy hors d'oeuvres. I bet Boxx 109 or whatever they call themselves in the Hotel Indigo could handle a party of 50. It's right by the highway and green line.

      1. I went to a birthday party at Masona Grill in West Roxbury. The food was really good, and there is plenty of parking.

        1. I recently had a graduation & parents party at Eastern Standard. I love Garrett and his whole crew there. We did stand up as well, using the outside area and the space in front of the bar---for about 75 people. It was superb and they really worked with me on food & drink ideas. September would be nice in that outside space. Oh, and they valet for those driving.

          But there are a number of places I would recommend: Blu, at the Sports Club LA has a really cool outdoor/indoor space. Parking underneath and an easy on-off from the Mass Pike.

          The trendy hotel, 15 Beacon, has a very cool wine cellar AND a roof deck & a great GM, Amy. It's a very underused place by locals . It's popular with film crews and celebrities because it's off the beaten track. They also have parking, on site, for out of towners.
          And people could probably stay there at night. They just did a huge makeover and are chomping at the bit for business.

          Mistral has a private side room, & I've been there for cocktails. Locke-Obers has rooms.
          And so do the chains of Smith and Wolensky, Legal Seafood and Oceanaire.

          Just a few suggestions. Hope it helps

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            I went to a fun birthday cocktail party at Les Zygomates on South Street. They have a great private space and had tasty appetizers.