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Jul 21, 2009 11:33 AM

Glass storage containers? Esp. tiny ones?

I am going to toss all of my plastic storage containers and buy glass ones. I've found several options: Crate & Barrel has them, Pyrex, Rubbermaid, etc have them and there is a company called Bormioli Rocco that sells them. Have any of you tried these, and what is the best.

I also haven't had luck finding a tiny glass container - like something that would hold 1/2 cup and be 1" in diameter and maybe 1" high. I really like to put nuts and salad dressing in these! I could keep my plastic ones but it would drive me crazy to have one thing be different. Have you been able to find any small ones and can you recommend something?

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  1. Yes! Ikea has them. They have chrome-colored screw-on lids. I use them to store spices.

    1. Why not consider Ball or Mason canning/preserving jars? They have several sizes, frequently have "decorative" lids available - and I know they have tiny ones 'cause I have several holding nuts either in my fridge or on my countertop. The other sizes are great for all sorts of grains.

      1. I've been considering these for myself since I make my own spice blends. Although they're only available on-line they can be returned to any Target store:

        1. I recently got rid of my 40 year old Tupperware and all those Gladware microwave plastics that seemed to have hatched and multiplied like Tribbles in favor of 2-cup Pyrex food storage containers. So far, so good. I wish there were some way to label them to identify contents in my freezer, but I've been attaching pieces of paper around them with rubber bands showing the contents and dates.

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            Just use Sharpie on the glass. It should come off in the dishwasher.

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              Hairspray or rubbing alcohol also remove permanent ink from most non-porous surfaces. I use it on the mason jar lids (I use 1/2 cup--primarily for pate--and 1 pint sizes)

              One way I used to label dried goods was to put a label inside the jar prior to filling.

              American Science & Surplus has tons of odd glass jars in all sizes:

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              Blue masking tape holds on quite well if the glass is not wet when you apply it.

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                I use a grease pen on lids comes off with soap and hot water.

              2. You may have made a typo in those dimensions you are looking for. You can have tiny or you can have 1/2 cup capacity. A 1-inch diameter jar with a capacity of 1/2 cup would be a foot tall, more or less. I happen to be shopping around for some jars for spices and I'm leaning toward something like the 4-oz amber jar on this site:


                You need to buy a full case (24 jars), but others will sell smaller quantities.

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                  I was interested in these jars and took a look at the amber and the cobalt jars, but wasn't able to determine the seal configuration, other than finding an adheasive inner seal sold separately. During my time at Burroughs-Wellcome in meds packaging, the salve jars we used with an inner adheasive seal were not liquid tight and reusable. I suspect these won't work for my lunches and sauces without leaking. Anyone tried these, especially with a cold liquid warming up (and pressurizing) until lunch? The last thing I want is a lunchbox covered with dumpling sauce or soy sauce! Thanks.