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Jul 21, 2009 11:30 AM

Canned Fish--Lisbon (Conserveira de Lisboa)

Recently we went to Lisbon and stopped in to Conserveira de Lisboa, a well-known shop that specializes in canned sardines, tuna, cod, etc. We bought a few cans to bring home. They are delicious--but almost gone. :( Does anyone know where to, or if it's possible to, get this product in the states, preferably in NYC? Thanks!!!

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  1. You can get Spanish canned seafood (mussels, cockles, tuna, bonito, clams, etc.) from Despana.

    1. I would call Despana before attempting to go, if I were you. Because it is a Spanish food specialist, and I doubt it if they sell Porutguese goods, especially the stuff from Conserveira de Lisboa.

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        Thanks! On a lark, I checked Despana a couple of weeks ago, but as suspected, no canned fish from Portugal. I'm at a loss. Sad.

        1. re: almcg

          I heard from friends in New Jersey, that they have come upon Portuguese delis/groceries in the Ironbound District in Newark. You may want to explore?

      2. A number of places stock canned sardines from Portugal...I think Citeralla does...I always
        check origination on sardines...some are from Morocco but like you, I prefer Portugal. I have found them even in "regular" supermarkets under non-descript labels...