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Jul 20, 2009 11:37 AM

Justin Timberlake's 901 Tequila

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attran99.Do you find tequila with a tequila aroma to be a bad thing? The reason you're not getting that "tequila" flavor would be the triple distillation, which turns this into a more neutral type of spirit, more like vodka.

Anyways, you're just trying to make your sister happy, so good luck.When you're sister is finally over Justin, and she's ready for some OG tequila blanco, have her try Hacienda del Cristero.It also has an attractive bottle with a measure of BLING.

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  1. Hi, SGLA....just trying to describe it (as accurately as I can) the 'Hounds who might be unfamiliar with the product. :) I will have to try Hacienda del Cristero for myself...thanks for the tip!

    1. Sounds a lot like Corzo tequilla witch is popular at most of the high end clubs around town. You can find it for about 60 a bottle. It's triple distilled and all that.

      I'm a fan of Herradura, so I'll give that one a try. I also love El Tesoro and Chinaco

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        Alright, now we're talking.Herredura is always a fine choice, Tesoro and Chinaco(Tamaulipas state) are great too.

        Can't stand Corzo, or any of the other brands where investors are looking for a distiller to triple distill and spending most of their creative energy on the bottle.Corzo is 100% marketing campaign.But celebrities putting their name on a product without any real understanding of the traditions or involvement in the process is off putting.I would liek to see Justin clear the spines off an agave.

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          1. Oh yes! I have a bottle of Hacienda del Cristero I brought back from Mexico last year. Now I can't wait to open it!

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              Lucky you, I'm starin' at mine as we read/write.Salud!